Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Name Facts


Where did we get your name you ask? Well, Mason we choose after looking at top 1000 names. Frankly, it was the only name we could agree on. 2 other contenders were Jack and Rhett. Based on your 3D ultrasound, you looked like neither of those. Daddy also liked Jax. Mommy will consider it for a future sibling (if we have a boy). It just so happens your granddaddy was a mason. Warren is after you great grandpa which I can only tell you in words why I wanted to name you after him. 

In Ohio, there is a town named Mason in Warren County.

There is a Mason High School in Falls Church, VA. Our house is off of Falls Church Road.

A B list celebrity Kourtney Kardashian has a son born a month after you named Mason and he boyfriend's name is Scott. Kourtney also has a sister named Kimmy, meaning Kourtney's son Mason also has an Aunt Kimmy.