Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sorry I have not updated in a while AGAIN! Here are some notes about the past 2 weeks:
  • The night of the last post I wrote we started putting you to sleep without the positioner. You are now sleeping on your side in the crib!
  • Friday, May 21st was your 6 month check up (although you were technically 6 1/2 months).
         15 lbs. 4 ounces - 50th percentile
          25 inches in length - 50th percentile
          I cant remember what your head circumference was but I know you were in the 50th  
          So basically, you are perfect...not that we didn't already know that!

  • The following Tuesday, you weighed 15 lbs. 10 ounces. Growing like a weed!
  • Everything is "da da"
  • You are getting better at sitting up unassisted but definitely not independent yet
  • You no longer shake your body to walk. You straight up bend your knee and put one foot in front of the other. Not much interest in crawling; you still roll too much. 
  • You fell asleep on Grandma in the pool
  • We are moving you into a big boy car seat today (Britax Roundabout 50)
  • We started giving you a fresh food feeder and you tried strawberries and kiwi. The first day with the strawberry, you though it was a bit tart; you could tell by your expression (you would just look at it and make a face!). The following day, I ate strawberries with you and you sucked on it just fine. As for kiwi, negative. You tried it but it was way too tart (I laughed a lot).
  • You wake up happy and play in your crib
  • Last night, you played with Raegan and you were putting your hands on her and she was doing the same. Then you tried to eat her foot and you guys were cute. Then, Raegan got excited and screamed. Yeah, you cried. After you calmed down and started playing again, she screamed again, and you cried again. You don't even blink hearing dogs bark....hmmm....
  • You spent the night with Grandma and Pop Saturday after Daddy's surprise 25th birthday party. 
  • You started doing this thing where you look like you are chewing gum
  • You can't see your bottle or else you will want it
  • Your current schedule:
         8:00 - wake up and breakfast (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
        11:30 - 6 oz. bottle
         2:30 - lunch (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
         6:00 - dinner (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
         9:15 - 6 oz. bottle
         9:45-10:00 - bed

As far as naps go, you usually take 3 1 hour snoozes.

Love Always,

Pictures from playing with Jordan at the park