Sunday, March 21, 2010

My 4 1/2 month old


What a difference a year makes! The above ultrasound was you March 25th last year. The picture is you holding your head up yesterday March 20th!

Here are some notes:
  • You rolled over from back to front this morning!
  • Last night, you laughed hysterically at your (hopefully) Aunt Alex. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you like blondes because you only laugh like that for yourself (in the mirror) and at Mommy and Daddy.

  • We started cereal Friday night before your last feeding. Yeah, it's pretty funny. I put it in, you push it out.
  • After you projectile vomited like you were possessed last weekend, we moved to five feedings a day and trying to space them 3.5-4 hours. It has been going great and you continue to sleep through the night (average 8.5 hours a night). Sample schedule:
6:30 - Wake up and bottle
8:00 - Nap
10:00 - Bottle
11:30 - Nap
1:30 - Bottle
3:00 - Nap
5:00 - Bottle
Most of the time you will skip this nap or take a 30 minute one
8:30 - Cereal then a bottle

As far as naps, 2 are about an hour and 1 is 1 1/2 -2 hours. You still nap 99% of the time in your swing or on someone. Grandma is working on getting you to sleep in your crib at her house and you are doing great with it. Daddy and I don't worry about trying to get you to sleep in your crib here since we are not home with you that much.
  • Night time is still my favorite time. It is just me and you. I change your diaper and put you in your J's. Then we sit in the rocker and I read you a story. Once you start getting antsy, I turn off the light and rock and sing to you until you are almost out, then lay you in the crib. My song list is the same: Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC's, Barney "I love you" song, then Celine Dion's "Because you love me." During the singing portion, I used to have to give you your paci to help you fall asleep; not anymore. I know that you know our routine well enough that you can fall asleep easier. You still cry in your sleep a little but it last less than a minute.

  • Friday was your official 4 month appointment and you weighed 13 lbs. 4 ounces with no clothes on making you in the 50th percentile for weight. YEAH! Your head circumference and height were in the 25th percentile. You were a true champ with your shots. The oral vaccine (roto) went down well, the first shot in your thigh you barely whined for, and like the nurse warned me, your other shot in the opposite thigh hurt when the vaccine went in and you did cry but for less than a minute. The rest of the day and into the afternoon yesterday you were a little sensitive, making you a bit crabby but no fever or reaction.

  • You drool like a dog staring at a steak

  • You and Daddy are buddies. Daddy used to say, "he's a Mommy's boy" but I know that has changed. You definitely love me but Daddy can make you smile and laugh all the time.

  • Finally, you feel better! You still have a bit of a cough but the frequency is no where near what is was. Dr. Saade said your ears and lungs are clear!
You are perfect and I love you SO much. You are a blast to be around and make Daddy and I exceptionally happy.

Looking forward to Spring Break,

The very garlicy rolls at Scalini's Daddy and I consumed when we tried the "eggplant approach"
In the two pictures above, you were still in preemie clothes. Amazing how you have changed!First day of school with Grandma
(who has decided to stop teaching after this year to stay with you!)
Leavin' you with a big ol' smile!