Sunday, November 21, 2010

No fun without u in the middle!


Today we partied! Makenzie turned two and we celebrated at none other than Monkey Joes. About two hours into the party, we left to go to Jakson's first birthday party. The past couple days you have been doing what we call the Michael Jackson (not sure why). You lay on your belly on the hardwood and scoot (sometimes crawl) backward! I titled this letter as such because as you probably know, I was about half way through my pregnancy when MJ died. I am a huge MJ fan and I was completely crushed. I assumed that because of his death, I thought it was a sign to go with a name Daddy and I threw around a lot, Jaxon (called Jax). Soon after, Mrs. Elizabeth posted that her son would be named Jakson. Well, there went that name! Come to find out A.J. was going to name Wyatt Jackson too! Anyway, the three of you were pretty funny today. We would try to put you together then you would go in three separate directions. 
In other news, you were obsessed with the live music at La Pa tonight. You have been clapping and flapping your arms up and down a lot lately. Now for the best part. Cheese face. You can make it close to on cue now and it is getting chessier every day! I hate that I am not home with you every day now. You really are so fun to be around!

Love you Peanut,