Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Your First Christmas

Daddy and I loved sharing the Christmas season with you! Spending time with our families and friends was better with you there. We attended the Christmas Eve service at church and you slept the whole time (which is how we knew you enjoyed it). Jesus was a baby like you, Mason! 
On Christmas morning, Daddy and I had fun opening ALL of your presents (next year I bet you will tear into them!).

Today, you weighed 9 1/2 pounds. That is a pound every 10 days Daddy said!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flashback to my pregnancy


Last night was rough! Your gas was horrible and you slept in bed with Daddy and I. Speaking of gas, I should have known you were going to have it since you gave it to me when I was pregnant with you. Gas, miserable heartburn (that we mistook for a heart condition it was so bad), and constantly having to use the bathroom were the only issues I had when pregnant with you. Sure, sleeping on my left side was rough and finding maternity clothes that fit was entertaining, but overall my pregnancy was very benign. I gained about 25 pounds but really didn't start showing until about 24 weeks. 
I could feel you kick around 15 weeks and Daddy could feel you for the first time on my birthday when we were 20 weeks along. You loved church, Mason. You would wake up and "dance" while the music was playing. During the message, you would kick almost the whole time. You loved to kick me and I loved it too! The only time I didn't was when your little piggys would kick my ribs. Ow! 
I was an ultrasound freak! Below is you at 17 weeks.

I loved seeing you and didn't care what it cost. We had our first ultrasound at 4 1/2 weeks since I was cramping. That was the scariest ultrasound ever...there were 2 sacs! By the time we had our second ultrasound 2 weeks later, you, looking like a piece of rice, were the only baby inside me. We had so many ultrasounds, I can't even remember when they all were off hand! For Father's Day, I took Daddy to a special ultrasound place so we could find out what sex you were. I really thought you were a girl (sorry) and Daddy wanted a boy so we were THRILLED to find out we were having a boy. Side note, you just passed the loudest, longest gas in your swing! 
About 24 hours before we met you!

Anyway, you are really starting to get big and look like a baby, not an infant. Your little personality is coming out and I have a funny feeling you are going to give us a run for our money!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Flashback to when we found out we were pregnant!

Since you are asleep in your swing, little Mason, I figured I would right you about one of the greatest days of my life. Daddy and I got married and from then on, we always talked about how much we wanted a baby but we could never come up with the perfect time to start trying. Well, once the month of March came, I began waking up at least 3 times at night to use the bathroom; I knew something was up! I told Daddy about how crazy it was that I was getting up SO much and I asked him, "what if I am pregnant?" He then started jumping up and down and yelled, "then we're gonna have a baby!" So, the next morning before work I took a test; POSITIVE! Since I didn't believe it, I called to Daddy who was sound asleep. After asking him to come here without telling him why, he sleepily came into the bathroom, looked at the test and said, "it's negative" and set it down. I said, "I wouldn't have woken you up for that" and gave it back to him. Once he figured it out, he set it down, got into bed, and asked me to come lay with him. I think he was in shock and just didn't know what to do! After work that day, I went to the doctor for a blood test and lo and behold...a Mason would be born!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 weeks

Baby Mason,

Tomorrow, you will be 6 weeks old. Your dad and I comment all the time that it feels like you were always here. We love you more than we will ever be able to describe. Right now, you are asleep in your swing. This, along with your car seat and mine and daddy's chests, are the only places you will sleep for longer than an hour! Your dad and I don't really mind having you on our chests though; you are warm and cuddly and you love to be next to us. You eat every 3-4 hours and you can tell you are eating a lot! You were just under 6 pounds when you were born and I am betting you are over 8 pounds now. You make the cutest noises when you eat so I can tell you are our child because you love to eat! Now that I think about it, you make noise pretty much all the time (just like me!). I can hear you right now! When you are fussy and want your pacifier or if you are ready to eat, you make this noise ("ah ah") and that let's us know! Your cry sounds like you are saying, "ok, ok, ok." Dad and I try not to laugh.
Anyway, you LOVE bath time already. Every time the water goes on you, your arms go to the the side and you try to suck your hands and drink the water. Needless to say, I love your bath time too. 
You really like music. When you are fussy in the car, 99% of the time turning up the music will calm you down. Grammy has a music aquarium thing in your crib at her house and when you were fussy the other day, she turned it on and you were like in a trance (you even got mad at me when I tried to put clothes on you)! I listened to a lot of music when you were in my belly so I am not surprised. 
Almost every morning I sing a good morning song to you and after you are all dressed, I put you in the Boppy and you watch and listen you your mobile. I really think you like it because you talk to the sailboats! During your wake time, I love to sing to you and make funny faces with you. I know it's only a matter of time before you make them back to me. 
Mason, you HATE gas! You get horrible gas and mommy has tried so many things to make it better and there is no hope except time. When you have it, it wakes you up and you get angry (and if you were awake, you get super upset). You also have reflux and have to take medicine (although the reflux seems to not phase you). 
You just started wearing some of your 0-3 month clothes and although they are a tad big, you would look cute in anything!

Well, I love you sweet Mason and will write again soon.