Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy birthday!


Ok so it's a little early but whatever! Happy early birthday May Day. I took the liberty of buying your birthday present since I knew you would love it. Yup, tents, tunnels, and a ball pit. Ask me to show you the video of when I showed it to you the first time. You were super stoked!

In other news, on Saturday (9/25), you went to Jessica's birthday party where Memaw gave you your first bite of Cheet-Os and you played with your cousins all afternoon. That evening, you spent the night with Grandma and Pop so Mommy and Daddy could celebrate our anniversary. 
You like to chug your sippy
While out to eat, you started clapping! When I saw it the next day, it was so cute! You do it all the time now.

You randomly said, "car" and later that day, "ball." You say ball a lot now. The other day at Grandmas's you looked like you were digging in the kitchen. We said, "Mas, what are you doin'?" You held the ball up and said, "b" very matter of factly. You make this funny no chin face. You will have to see videos or ask Dad or I to show you. For probably over a month now, we say, "come on" and you do just that. We are teaching you your first sign, more.

You say, "whoa" a lot especially when you are climbing. Speaking of climbing, the other day you crawled out of the playroom while I was on the computer. I called to you a few minutes later. No noise. That is never good. On the hunt I went and where did I find you? Three steps up with your hand in a tub of Vaseline. Good times.

You sat on a yellow jacket. Good times. Actually you cried for 2 minutes then wanted us to leave you alone so you could play. No reaction!

Your sleep has been awful. The past few nights, the minute one of us lays you down, you pop right back up. Up until last night, you would pop up and Daddy (not me) could lay you down and rub your head until you fell asleep (ok, if Daddy helped me I could). Last night was a different story. I tried to rub your head and failed to get you back down so as the doctor recommended, I let you cry. I said, "nigh night" and walked out. You screamed like someone was stabbing you for 5 minutes until Daddy and I came up and rubbed your head and you fell asleep. Then comes 2 a.m. The screaming begins again. Not crying but screaming. Daddy went in and you laid down for 2 minutes before you started again. Tired ol' me came in and picked you up and put you in bed with us. You are the worst person to sleep with! Daddy took up half the bed and you took up the other half. Legs out, arms out, no room for Mommy! Needless to say, the two of you slept fine until 7:15 when you woke up. Daddy changed you and then we let you play in our room while we laid their and talked. After Daddy noticed some eye-rubbage, he picked you up and we all slept until 9:15. Daddy and I are thinking growth spurt....babies are weird. 

So yeah, I took you to the doctor yesterday to have her re-check your ears. Clear :) You weighed the same as last week, 18 12. Oh and you have now taken one step three times.

Tonight Memaw and Grandaddy came over to eat dinner and play.
Clap hands!
Uncle Chris came over tonight too (he comes over like 3 times a week you are asleep). You guys have always had a silly relationship. Your Uncle Chris loves you to pieces but he isn't much of a baby guy. He met you for the first time a day after you were born. 

You and Aunt Alex right before you turned 5 months

When we went to Florida with U.C. and Alex (your girlfriend), I remember him watching you eat and being totally grossed out. It was hilarious. What made it more funny was that you would stare at him the whole time. You love to just stare at him (almost weird). Tonight though, you crawled right up to him.

Love you, 
You are just ridiculously cute