Monday, May 31, 2010

Product Review

I know when you become a Daddy things will have changed but I wanted to let you know my thoughts on some things I love, and some I could do without:

Fisher Price Jumperoo Baby Gymnastics
Bumbo chair
Boppy high chair/shopping cart cover
Fresh Food Feeder
Fisher Price Nature's Touch Papsan Swing
Blow up Munchkin brand duck bath tub - for the beach and pool especially
Johnson & Johnson foaming head-to-toe wash
Safety 1st ultrasonic 360 humidifier

Chicco high chair - hard to clean
Dr. Brown's bottles - good for baby, bad for cleaning
Fisher Price Whale of a Tub - hard to clean and not good for baby sitting up
Vicks cool mist humidifier

I will probably update this as I think of more.
LOvE yA,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sorry I have not updated in a while AGAIN! Here are some notes about the past 2 weeks:
  • The night of the last post I wrote we started putting you to sleep without the positioner. You are now sleeping on your side in the crib!
  • Friday, May 21st was your 6 month check up (although you were technically 6 1/2 months).
         15 lbs. 4 ounces - 50th percentile
          25 inches in length - 50th percentile
          I cant remember what your head circumference was but I know you were in the 50th  
          So basically, you are perfect...not that we didn't already know that!

  • The following Tuesday, you weighed 15 lbs. 10 ounces. Growing like a weed!
  • Everything is "da da"
  • You are getting better at sitting up unassisted but definitely not independent yet
  • You no longer shake your body to walk. You straight up bend your knee and put one foot in front of the other. Not much interest in crawling; you still roll too much. 
  • You fell asleep on Grandma in the pool
  • We are moving you into a big boy car seat today (Britax Roundabout 50)
  • We started giving you a fresh food feeder and you tried strawberries and kiwi. The first day with the strawberry, you though it was a bit tart; you could tell by your expression (you would just look at it and make a face!). The following day, I ate strawberries with you and you sucked on it just fine. As for kiwi, negative. You tried it but it was way too tart (I laughed a lot).
  • You wake up happy and play in your crib
  • Last night, you played with Raegan and you were putting your hands on her and she was doing the same. Then you tried to eat her foot and you guys were cute. Then, Raegan got excited and screamed. Yeah, you cried. After you calmed down and started playing again, she screamed again, and you cried again. You don't even blink hearing dogs bark....hmmm....
  • You spent the night with Grandma and Pop Saturday after Daddy's surprise 25th birthday party. 
  • You started doing this thing where you look like you are chewing gum
  • You can't see your bottle or else you will want it
  • Your current schedule:
         8:00 - wake up and breakfast (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
        11:30 - 6 oz. bottle
         2:30 - lunch (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
         6:00 - dinner (4 oz. jar and 4 oz. bottle)
         9:15 - 6 oz. bottle
         9:45-10:00 - bed

As far as naps go, you usually take 3 1 hour snoozes.

Love Always,

Pictures from playing with Jordan at the park

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So many firsts!


I deeply apologize for not writing recently. A LOT has happened. I found out on Tuesday that I am being laid off from myt teaching job. Thank God you and Daddy are in my life to help lift me up. Also on Tuesday, Daddy hung the rocket swing I got for you. It took you a minute to figure out what was going on but you had a great time swinging. We are looking forward to many days and nights playing with you in it.
On Wednesday to get my mind off of my impending job loss, A.K, Grandma, and Pepaw, and I took you to the pool for the first time. You LOVED it! Splashing and talking the whole time. You didn't even make a face when we got deeper and it was cold (I did though!). Michael Phelps look out!

You are eating stage 2 food now (yeah for variety) and we are phasing you into 6-9 month clothes.
Then, your first real word. I know, early right? Yesterday (5/17) while at school with Grandma and A.K., you were in a talkative mood (surprise, surprise) and all of the sudden, they heard you say, "da da." After debating whether or not they really heard that, you said it again, "da da." Of course that evening, Daddy and I hear about it and while we believed their claim, we wanted to hear it for ourselves. Before bedtime, you and I were in the kitchen watching Daddy wash the dishes (yes, your Dad is awesome) and out of the blue we heard, "da" and shortly after, clear as a bell, "da da." Unbelievable!
A few days ago, you just did not want to be held. So like I always do, I held your hands and let you walk. Well, you must have been seriously motivated because you walked in a full circle. Now I have a talker and a walker. What's next?

Now for some other updates:

  • Saturday you spent the night with Grandma and Pepaw for the second time and did wonderful as expected. As for you and that darn positioner, we are still using it. We are honestly dreading weening you from it but we know you need to because you always roll out of it (at night but not for naps). I know once school ends, my lost sleep won't be as much of a big deal.
  • You grab everything. Store clerks fingers, your paci, really anything in your line of vision or near you. I was holding you paci in my hand and holding you in the other while chatting with someone (my mind is a tad fried) and you took the paci out of my hand and put it into your mouth. Bottle holding and self-feeding solid food are going great too (you aren't choking yourself). You make the funniest noises. When you get grouchy or are trying to talk to us, you make this, "ahh" sound in a low voice. The sippy cup is challenging for you but you are trying to get the hang of it.

I only have one request: STOP GROWING UP! It seems like you hit 5 months and you haven't stopped since! AHH!

Love you,

Monday, May 10, 2010

Red blanket play time with Daddy

Bubbly, blonde, blue-eyed, blanket-lovin', bouncy, bashful, beautiful, babbling, big baby boy!

Happy Birthday, A.K.

Today is A.K.'s 20th birthday. I wanted to take time to write about you and your Aunt Kimmy. She loves you with very fiber of her being. Every person she has ever met knows about you because she brags on you constantly. You love playing and laughing with her but she can put you to sleep too. At Ms. Holly's baby shower she rocked you on the couch (she rocked, not the couch) until you fell asleep. Many a time she has played John Mayer for you and sung you to sleep. You and A.K. have a special bond and I am glad because she is a great baby sister to me!

Love, Momma

My First Mother's Day


You and Daddy made my very first mother's day wonderful. You let Daddy and I sleep in until 8:15! Daddy made me pancakes then the two of us cuddled for the first of two naps together after Daddy left for work. We spent the whole day just hanging out. I love the card you got for me and the beautiful picture you drew inside. Daddy surprised me with butcher block counter tops when he got home from work then we went out to eat. I love being your mommy Every second of every day I feel blessed.

My new baby at 1 week old

My big boy at 6 months
Look at just the leg difference!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

6 months old

I have a 6 month old baby boy! Unbelievable how fast the time goes by. You have started to spit (yeah) and continue to babble all the time. Your hands don't reach for people yet but today, you did lean toward me when I put my hands out (now for the real yeah!). You reach for toys and if you can't reach them, you will scoot to get them.
Which one should I choose?

That one!

Sometimes, if I place the toy to your side, you will roll just enough to get then roll back. 5 steps with mommy holding your hands is your max (you go backwards and forwards). It is so cute watching you try to walk because you try to propell yourself by "dancing." You do crunches until I grab your fingers then you pull up to a seated position the to standing. The way you get excited to see Daddy and I is adorable. There are times when you just sit and stare at him. I pray you become a man like him.
Today was a particularly stinky half birthday for you. I found out this morning that I have strep throat so grandma took you for the day. What a fantastic way to spend my day off (not).

The Mom

Yum! Carrots!
All clean!


On Friday, the Dr. said you now have an ear infection and a stomach virus. Pedialyte and anti-biotics (Omnicepft) for a few days. Dr. still wasn't reassuring about your white blood cell and platlet count. I called the hospital but they don't know anything yet. You are feeling much better though. Back to you happy lil' self.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pediatric Emergency Room


On a happy note, you are now professional at rolling from back to front and scooting.

Now for the not so happy note. 
Yesterday, we made a visit to the pediatric emergency room. You have had a cough and congestion for 2 weeks but it seemed to get better. Yesterday around 1:15, you began inconsolably crying and hadn't stopped by the time I got to grandmas at 3. You could only sleep for 15 minutes before waking up screaming like you were in agony. Our Drs office was able to fit you in and take you right back. You didn't have a temperature when we arrived but before we left, it was 101.1. The Dr told us we needed to head to the ER because he couldn't tell what was going on. The ER cathed you (what a trooper) and took a good deal of blood. They not only took blood from his arm but they had to get him in the foot because it wasn't flowing. It took about 10 minutes and it was awful for everyone. A.K. was crying and I was talking to you trying to calm you down. 
Trying to play with Daddy right before the awfulness

After about an hour, they found you had a high white blood cell count, platlet, and ABS and low lymphs. ER gave you 2 shots of antibiotics (they nurses did one in each thigh at the same time) and a suppository (trooper yet again). We got home around 9:00 and have an appointment with your Drs office for another set of antibiotic shots (yeah!...not) today. 
You didn't hold any of your breakfast down but you don't have a fever (haven't checked recently though since you're napping). They are "growing" the samples they took at the ER to see if it is anything other than a bad viral infection. Should find out today/night I guess.

Love you baby boy,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spoiler Alert!


So Mommy and Daddy have spoiled you, to the core. I know everyone has their own opinion about how much is too much but I always want you to know you are loved and how I show that to you is by being with you as much as I can be. Kissing you, hugging you, or just having you on my hip. I won't leave you in the pack n play very long, in the morning, I like to come and get you when you wake up so I can see you before work, and at night, I like to sing and rock you to sleep. When you were first born, Daddy and I started using an incline to sleep positioner and we would put you on your side. You were and still are king of the spit up and I was afraid if you were on your back, that you might swallow it at night. So now, at almost 6 months, you have an addiction.
Yes. An addiction.
You will not sleep in your crib without it. We laid you on your belly for 2 nights and that was way too much freedom and you kept waking yourself up. We went back to using the positioner and all was fine until last night when we decided to see if you could sleep on your back. Nope. Then I rocked you back to sleep (I don't care to hear opinions on this) and laid you on your side without the positioner in the crib. You weren't having it. Rocked and pacifiered you for the third time, laid you in the positioner and voila! Now you know why I titled this post the way I did. I guess you will be 19 and using a positioner. LOL.
In your positioner at Grandma's house

Love Always,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Without 'cha God knows what I'd do


I lovey you so much. The past five nights you have fallen asleep without a pacifier! You used to do it the reverted back. What a big boy! We went to the circus on Friday and you seemed fairly interested in all the lights (not so much the animals). Lo and behold, when naptime came around, you just straight up fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn. After you ate and we got home, you weren't diggin' the late bed time. Needless to say, the night was interested. But I have been telling you how nice it would be to cuddle you at night; I got my wish.

For the past few days, your nasty cough and congestion has came back full force. Going to give it a little more time and see if it passes on its own. You love to feed yourself so you get quite messy. Since you had a bath yesterday, I put you in the bathroom sink so I could clean ya off. You started splashing like crazy and attempted to eat the faucet. I can't wait to take you to the pool! I leave you with some pics of you today when you were supposed to be napping: