Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tonight you farted, then laughed about it

The End

Just kidding (I would never have a letter that short!). I honestly thought you were as cute as they come but when you smile really big and I can see your teeth, you are even cuter. Unbelievable. Here you are making that silly o face.

Tonight, you fell asleep right after your bottle so I'll be sure and give an update tomorrow as to how the remainder of the evening fares. Wyatt turned 11 months today and in honor, we had a play date and went to La Pa. Today we also found out that Jakson is going to be a big brother!

You are walking really well now. Daddy and I love to let you hold 1 of both of our fingers and walk. You can also walk one handed. After those two steps on Sunday, we are thinking you are building up that confidence. The elimination of the third nap and implementation of the 8:30 bedtime is awesome. I am glad we are doing it.

Today, you got to hang with Grace and Karen. They love you so much and try to Mommy you. While Grace was feeding you and making a mess, she looked at me and said, "and you do this all the time?"

Love you Baby Mason,

Mason-1, Mommy and Daddy-0


So last night we did ok. I laid you down and soon after started screaming your little head off. Daddy went up about 15 minutes later and rubbed your back and head until you fell asleep. You woke up about 1:45 and we let you cry until you fell back to sleep. Yeah for us until 3:40 rolled around and I couldn't help it anymore. I went in and rubbed you and you weren't having it. I left, you screamed, I woke up with an almost 11 month old next to me this morning. We tried.