Sunday, August 29, 2010

Much to say!

Turkey Leg,

Sorry I have not updated. Mommy missed you so much that she decided to quit her job so as you can imagine, life has been upside down. I still have at least a week there but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In other news....

-you LOVE Minute Maid frozen lemonade

- you HATE vegetables 

- you pull up on everything and can now get down

- while standing holding on to something, you can bend down and grab things on the floor

- you laugh when something is actually funny

- you peek around the corner

- your temper tantrums are hilarious. you either beat your head on the floor or if Daddy or I pick you up, you will kick and throw your arms around while either whining or crying. you have also crossed your arms a few times.

- wires and the fireplace and the electronics combined with the rubber corners you pulled off from the coffee table make wonderful toys

- you get on your tippy toes to reach things. you get as high as the window sill and your blue nightstand and can pull the blinds down

- you push your walker and cruise the furniture with ease

- your top right tooth has emerged and with it, a runny nose and a yucky cough. thank Jesus for Tylenol

- you definitely have sometimes when you just need mommy

- expert with a sippy, not so much with self-feeding. you would rather mash the food

- yesterday, you pulled up on the night stand, walked into the stack of books and started pulling things off your night stand. you also climbed on the bottom shelf and crawled on top of the books. yes, we have a climber 

- you like to push things and play under tables

- your third Braves game was a hit (haha)
Straight gangster (not really, just tired)

I imagine I will add to this post as things come to me.

Love you crazy man, 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mason Di Vinci


Last night, you created 2 works of art. The two of us spent the evening with Wyatt and his mommy and you two are a case. Wyatt would throw his upper body onto the play mat and you would laugh hysterically at him. You would lift up the edge of the rug, he would push it down. Jordan and I kept pretending we were you guys saying what we thought you were thinking. After dinner, we took you guys outside and you both finger painted. You knew exactly what to do and just dove in, even trying to help Wyatt (he liked to throw his paper).
Of course, bath time was next on the agenda

Then a little more play time

Grandma took you to your 9 month appointment today. You weighed 18 lbs. 4 ounces. You are in the 25th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference. A.K. and Kimmy also took you to a special mall with a carousel. 
Grandma said you sat on the horse like you owned it and loved every second of it. 

Love you,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Splish, splash I was takin' a bath

Your first time in our bath was awesome! You wanted to play and not even bother with us. Once you figured out you could stand, you didn't want to sit. All in all, lots of fun and laughs. Here is a picture of your first bath ever when you were about 3 weeks old!


Love you big boy,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. Yogurt Bite


You would win the Mr. Yogurt Bite contest if there were one. You LOVE those things!

You are in all 6-9 month clothes. Retired all 3-6 month last week (ok so you still have some PJs...)

Today, you pulled up on the couch to see me then proceed to walk across the couch to get my phone. Then you began pushing the laundry basket around. I grabbed the video camera. You pushed the basket to the couch. I turn music on my phone on the couch. You moved from the basket to the couch, chased my phone to the other end of the couch, grabbed onto the coffee table, then moved to the coffee table. All without any effort and without falling! 

Then Daddy went upstairs and we followed. Since two days ago you climbed one step, half way up the stairs I decided to see if you could really climb. You can. 8 steps and even though you had an issue with the top step, you did it. A CLIMBER AND A WALKER! 

You are so excited lately. Laughing all the time and smiling. I LOVE how big your bottom teeth are now too. Today you got to visit me at school. Thanks Daddy!

The Momma

Sunday, August 8, 2010

9 months old


I was watching you today in Grandma and Pop's big jetted tub just sitting there playing with your toys. It seems like yesterday Daddy and I were giving you your first bath. You were SO tiny and we had to be so delicate.
This evening, you marked your 3/4 birthday by pushing your walker really fast all over the foyer. Normally, you take 3 steps then lightly fall on the ground. Tonight, you were bookin' it and only got caught underneath the walker once! I got it on video. You also can climb one step on the stairs and get both knees up on the fireplace.
We have come to learn that, "na na na" means, "I am frustrated" or "I am hungry." Toys mean nothing to you. You want those electronics (you love wires too)! Yesterday, you crawled over to them for the third time and I watched as you pulled up on the console, turned around, and SMILED! What a stinker! All this time, I thought you didn't understand our redirection. You are sneaky, sneaky.
Grandma, A.K., and I took you to Acworth Beach today. You ate quite a bit of sand, crunching and all (yuck!), you crawled around in the shallow water, but your favorite time was with A.K. Gram or I would hold you and you would splash like crazy, A.K. would laugh, then you would laugh hysterically and the pattern would repeat. I LOVE that you like the make us laugh!
Your hair has been growing like CRAZY lately. LOVE it! You turn one in 3 months...whoa!

Love you, Peanut,

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Blurry but super cute. You love playing in closets, especially Grandma's


You just woke up so this will be short. For the past week, you have taken little 20 minute naps 3 times a day (ahh!). However, you have been sleeping straight through the night with no pacifier interventions. 

You continue to LOVE playing with shoes and paint cans.

You had a photo shoot this week. The first one I couldn't go to. Daddy and Grandma said you did a pretty good job. Hopefully next time, you won't be in a car seat (we all know how much you love those).

The reason for the title pterodactyl is for the mere reason you sound like one ALL the time. Sometimes annoying, sometimes cute, always crazy Mae Mae.

Love ya, 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day of Summer


Today is the end of the best time of year for Mommy, summer. While the heat is unbearable, the company was not. So many milestone and first time experiences; I am so thankful I am given the opportunity to spend 2 whole months with you. 
In KCRG this morning you stood up on the rocking ottoman. Good job buddy! This morning, you played with Grace and you made me laugh. She was pushing you around in the Pooh car grandma got you and pretending you were going places. You two would pass me and you would look at me, squeal, then stare at me until she pushed you away. You looked like such a big boy and you were so happy! 
You look like a gangsta in this picture

You spent the latter half of the day with Memaw and Granddaddy while the Spinner family went to the trivia tournament. You had a GREAT time with them playing and going to church. 
Daddy and I just finished watching Marley and Me and it made me want to write about my favorite dog, Sicily. We are teaching you to call her 'dog' as that is what she really is. You two have a funny relationship. When you were little, she would constantly lick the crap out of you. Now she will still lick you but on her terms. If you walk over to her, she will growl but 2 seconds later, she will walk over to you and lick you. You love to grab her, her tail especially.
It has been wonderful spending days with you. I will miss you like crazy.

Love you forever,