Monday, November 29, 2010

Much to be thankful for


I am thankful for...

your cheese face
your handprint turkey we made 

the pancakes I make for you with a lot of healthy stuff
the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.  I loved just sitting on the couch with you and Daddy watching all the floats and marching bands. You even danced to a few bands. A man after my own heart (I was in the colorguard)!

the families we were able to spend time with on Thanksgiving and the day after. Last year, we took a bunch of pictures at the Spinner house and this year we took a bunch at your Great Grandma Lillie Mae's house.

The face you made when you saw Aunt Tabby

With all your cousins this year
your growth. While it seems you are growing TOO fast, I love each new stage you enter. You are still in 6-9 month clothes. This time last year, you were in preemie clothes. I remember going to Macy's while I was pregnant and getting your first Thanksgiving outfit in 0-3 months because I had no idea how big you would be at 3 weeks old. Once we met you, Grandma went back and got the newborn size. It was big but you looked adorable. Check out the difference.
At this point, you weren't even 6 pounds!
I took some killer pictures of you!
your curiosity. We put up our tree while you were napping on Thanksgiving and you like it. 

you not messing with the Christmas tree. We thought this was going to be a big deal and you really aren't too interested (you do like the light up snowman ornament).

sleeping. You put yourself to sleep every night and maybe one night out of the week need Dad or I to put the paci in your mouth. You are taking 2 naps during the day most of the time. 




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tummy Time!


I named the horse in the playroom Beau (remember, pronounced byou) because other than "ew," that is all you say lately! We have begun teaching you body parts and you got tummy within 3 days. Now, you walk around hitting your stomach all the time. Yesterday we played a cute game. I pretended to be asleep, you would kiss me, and I'd wake up. Totally loved it. I am taking this working thing really hard and I continue to pray that Whole Foods is just my temporary home. I want to be with you. You and Grandma have had a great time and I know you are having fun though. Enjoy your nap little dude!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

No fun without u in the middle!


Today we partied! Makenzie turned two and we celebrated at none other than Monkey Joes. About two hours into the party, we left to go to Jakson's first birthday party. The past couple days you have been doing what we call the Michael Jackson (not sure why). You lay on your belly on the hardwood and scoot (sometimes crawl) backward! I titled this letter as such because as you probably know, I was about half way through my pregnancy when MJ died. I am a huge MJ fan and I was completely crushed. I assumed that because of his death, I thought it was a sign to go with a name Daddy and I threw around a lot, Jaxon (called Jax). Soon after, Mrs. Elizabeth posted that her son would be named Jakson. Well, there went that name! Come to find out A.J. was going to name Wyatt Jackson too! Anyway, the three of you were pretty funny today. We would try to put you together then you would go in three separate directions. 
In other news, you were obsessed with the live music at La Pa tonight. You have been clapping and flapping your arms up and down a lot lately. Now for the best part. Cheese face. You can make it close to on cue now and it is getting chessier every day! I hate that I am not home with you every day now. You really are so fun to be around!

Love you Peanut,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another one?!


That's right! Another ear infection! Your one year check up was on Wednesday and we were so glad because for the past three weeks you have been congested with a runny nose and a cough. It seemed as though it would get better then worse and it got to the point on vacation that we knew something was up. You were acting perfectly fine but the bubble coming from your nose was telling us something different.
Since Wednesday was my first day working my new job, Grandma took you. Your right ear is the cause of all the issue! It baffles me that on the 8th everything was clear but that is how those evil things work. Like I said, you acted like nothing was wrong except for pulling your ears a couple times on the plane ride home (that we attributed to the flight). Because of the infection, you will get your shots next month at your re-check (if everything is clear of course). They did give us your stats though.

20 pounds 7 ounces with no clothes
25 1/2 inches long
45 cm head circumference 

I believe Grandma said you are in the 25th percentile.

Since the appointment, you have been one big snuggle bug. Yesterday, I got teary eyed at how sweet and clingy you were. Then you brought me back by grabbing my face and making your monster, "ahh" noise. Your word on the trip was, "a wee a wee a." You would use it as a statement and question (raised inflection) and it was cracking us up because you totally know what you are saying and we have no clue. Since we have been home, "beau" has been your focus (pronounced b-you).
I am assuming because of all your little bodily issues and the amoxil (3/4 tbls twice a day) that you are just out of it. During the day, Grandma has said you have been great. Last night, you were fine until about 7:30 and I had to push you to stay awake to see Daddy at 8:00. Tonight, well, you just went to bed and it's 7:30. 

I love you baby. Get well soon!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flat Stanley


This weekend, we went to California for your Great Pappy's 80th birthday. You have now been to two states other than Georgia and you got the privilege of taking your first plane rides. Since the trip included milestones and loads of fun, I am going to break it down for ya!

Grandpa made mention that you are like Flat Stanley. Having been to the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean in just your first year of life, you are becoming quite the traveler (and we plan to take you up NJ, NY, and to CO next year!). Our trip began on the 12th at 4:30 a.m. (yuck!). You woke up in the car on the way to the park and ride and were totally confused. Once we got on the bus and you realized we were on an adventure, it was on! We got the the airport, went through security,
then onto the plane. We took advice from many people and squirted nasal spray up your nose and let you drink (or suck your paci) and the plane ride was a dream. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better ride. A.J. recommended bringing a bag of toys and while you only played with the same five toys, you really weren't too phased by the whole thing.
You napped when you normally napped
and ate when you normally eat. After a 3.5 hour flight we had a 30 minute lay over in Arizona. While the girls (Grandma, A.K., and I) got food, you, Pop, and Daddy walked around. I really think the lay overs were good for you because you are walking, you were able to burn off some energy. Then off to San Diego!
We stayed at the Hilton and really enjoyed the adjoining rooms.

We arrived at Pappy's dinner time for them, bed time for you (yeah for a 3 hour time difference). You played a bit a Pappy's house (killer view right? you can't tell in the picture but they overlook the Pacific!)

Uncle Glenn and awesome girlfriend, Mary
then you sort of became a diva. I forgot the one bottle you drink before bed at the house and bought a cheap one at Albertsons. When it came time for bed, no way Jose! Thank God CVS carries Dr. Brown's.At dinner, me and you fell asleep :)
Next day was a little rough as you woke up at 6:00 CA time (which is really sleeping in for you). You were a real trooper with the time change. When you ate depicted when you slept and we were able to extend you meals so that you went to bed around 8:00 CA time. 
We spent the second day of our trip down by the bay (where the watermelon's grow lol). You slept for most of the walk but when you woke up, we thrust you into pictures and fun ness. 

Milestone alert! You are now walking unassisted everywhere. You push hands away and rarely use the wall, door, or furniture to cruise. You also mastered standing from sitting. We now cal you Godzilla.

You are a climber!

Off to In and Out burger!
Then to the big bash!
Your second cousin Samantha

Sooo big
You had had it by this point. I took you and you drank your bottle and were down for the count.
Milestone alert! On this night, your bottle was straight whole milk and you downed it. Now you have a sippy that I am constantly filling with milk until 1:00 then water for the rest of the day until bed which is 6 oz. whole milk in a bottle.

You fussed a little at night but we put you in bed with us and you slept in! The next day was beautiful (as it was the whole vacation).  We ate brunch at Pappy's and Mommy got to look through a lot of old pictures. Then, we took some new ones.

Family tree time. Alright, so check out the first picture. Pappy is your great grandpa and beside him is his girlfriend, Ronnie. Your great grandmother passed away in 2002. Pappy and Grandma Z (that is what A.K., Sam, and I called her) had four children. Russell who is in the middle in the back, then Pop, then Valerie who is next to Ronnie (Sam is on her lap), then 8 years later, Glenn, who you know quite well. Speaking of, you and Glenn had a blast. You are both total goof balls! Valerie is married to Jack who is in the black shirt and Glenn is dating Ms. Mary who loves you to pieces.
Second picture. Your Great Pappy has two sisters. On the right you see Paula and her husband Roy and on the left is Phyllis and her husband Jerry. There parents were Adolph and Ester Spinner. 
Third picture. This is all of us with Ronnie's family. She has three children, all married with children (who you LOVED playing with at the party the night before!). 

Trip down memory lane. Pappy and Grandma Z were a funny couple. Now that I look back, they seriously remind me of Daddy and I. I am Grandma. I look like her and have her attitude for sure. She was feisty, opinionated, and loved to take pictures. Before I was born, Z was diagnosed with breast cancer and melanoma. Around '95 she developed skin cancer which was a fighter until the end of in 2002. When we would head up north every summer, we would visit them in New York. When we lived up there, Pappy was my pediatrician. The trip was bittersweet for the Spinner clan. While you didn't get to meet Z, I am very happy you were able to spend time with Pappy and Ronnie this weekend. He is a good guy and I am glad he found a nice lady who loves you to be with.

We ended the day at the beach.

You kept saying, "ew" and had to warm up to the sand

The water was freezing and when it hit you, you fell in it!

When the water hit us, we freaked too!

Milestone alert! You can now make the indian noise.

Our trip concluded after breakfast the next morning. You again did marvelous until we reached our lay over in Charolette where you ate and played. Thankfully the flight home was only 30 minutes because it was rocky. I fed you at baggage claim and you were out until 8:45 this morning. Great trip, buddy. 

Love you,