Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walk the Plank!

Mae Mae,

Since Monday, you are everywhere! You crawl everywhere! I can't say it enough. It is wonderful watching you explore. We are pretty much all baby proofed here but Gram and Pop have some catching up to do. Check out these pictures I have taken since Monday.

I come in your room after a nap or in the morning and you are either on all fours with your head peaking up or on your knees holding the bar on your crib. Yeah, I think it's time to move the crib down! I love it though. Seeing your smiling face so happy to see me is wonderful! At my first meeting for work on Friday, the principal asked, "what makes you smile?" The first thing I thought of was seeing you in your crib for the first time in the morning. I blurted out, "my 8 month old son."

You had your second modeling gig on Thursday. I am 99% sure you will make the box for this, a mirror for the car. The minute Gram put you in the car seat, you were frozen. No smiles, no frowns, nothin'. It was hilarious! You were paid for 2 hours but you were only "working" for about 6 minutes. You did however get your hair done, had wardrobe, and even wore makeup. Oh and yes, I took a picture of the screen.

Since it seems I am not writing in order, on Wednesday, we went to Wyatt's pool. You did that weird cry thing. Remember when you and Raegan were playing and she got excited and your cried. Same thing happened on Wednesday. Other than that, great time as usual.

You randomly get acne breakouts and diarrhea too (I know, TMI). You have a lot of fine, blonde hair now. While you still have a small bit of cradle cap, you can't tell at all. You look more and more like your Dad every day. 
A.K. and I were playing with you Thursday and you kept trying to climb the stairs (as you can see in the first set of pictures). So I helped you stand and I leaned your hands against the stair. It was so cool! you took steps and were standing one handed. I am so glad A.K. video taped it (too large to upload, like most)!

Since I have already started with work related activities, I have had to leave you a couple times. It TOTALLY sucks and it was only for a few hours each time! What am I going to do next month?! Anyway on Friday, we visited Memaw and Grandaddy then you and Dad went to Lillie Mae's then to your first political tea party with Pop! Daddy said you loved it and were really curious. Maybe you'll be a Republican politician one day...

Love you forever,
Ma Ma