Sunday, April 24, 2011

The season of singing has come

See! The winter is past; 
   the rains are over and gone. 
Flowers appear on the earth; 
   the season of singing has come
Song of Solomon 2:11-12

I hope you had a wonderful second Easter! I know Daddy and I did.
We started the morning at a fabulous 9:00. Yes, you let us sleep in for the first time in over 17 months! After cinnamon rolls we headed to church. You slept from when the music started playing all the way until we got home.

After lunch we visited Memaw and Grandaddy then headed to dinner at the Spinner house.

The Easter bunny left you lots of Grandmas
Not too fond of bunny Baxter

Man, I wish I could be home with you more. Just sayin....

Love, Mommy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turner Eggstravaganza


Mommy's favorite holiday is Easter. It is the holiday that is the foundation for our faith and spring is for sure my favorite time of year (it leads to summer!). We are SO fortunate that your Memaw and Grandaddy have a huge annual Easter egg hunt each year. After a wardrobe malfunction (same problem with the same exact outfit last year), we arrived just in time for the big hunt.
pick up, put in

you liked hoarding your eggs
and trying to eat them

not to be confused with...
 last year
we still are not sure exactly what happened but it resulted in a deep scratch on your cheek
Chandler loved helping you

Gotta love it! We headed home and all 3 of us napped and got up right in time to leave for Benjamin's 2nd birthday party. As figured, you had a ball playing with Miley, Madden, Coleson, Benjamin, and Kannon.

My baby boy last year on 4/27...

Thursday, April 21, 2011



Memaw took you to the doctor this morning and you have HFMD (Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease).

No appetite
Not sleeping (except last night (12 hrs!))
When they arrived at the office, Diane noticed you had ulcers in your mouth and down your throat. You re on a regimine of Mylanta and Benadryl (aka magic mouthwash), and Honey Elixir (since it is a virus, there are no antibiotics).

Thank God for mother's intuition. I hope (I know) you are enjoying Memaw's spoiling today!

See you soon,


P.S. I love you

A Bloody Mess


After Grandma cut her hand, I was hoping our family was done with blood for a little while. Not so much. Saturday morning you had your first nose bleed while in Mommy and Daddy's bed. That afternoon, you had another one. Thank you dry weather! Dried blood then spaghetti sauce that night. Nice. Of course the area where you bit through your lip (you totally ate it up) wasn't healed so it looked straight up like we are the worst parents on the planet!
Since Sunday, you have had a cough that is getting progressively worse. Memaw is watching you today and is taking you to the doctor this morning. Daddy and I think it is the fluid from your ears draining. Even so, we want to be sure.
At Grandma's on Monday, you hit your head and got a beautiful bruise on your forehead. Yesterday you thought it didn't stand out enough so you hit it again.

You are a bloody mess.

Love you,

Friday, April 15, 2011

bilateral myringotomy with tubes


This morning was your bilateral myringotomy with tubes surgery. Dr. Vick placed tubes through both ear drums to help eliminate ear infections and the use of oral antibiotics (which cause you diarrhea and severe diaper rash). 
We left the house this morning a little after 7:00 and head to Paulding Hospital. After we check-ed in, nurse Jackie got your stats and attached that thing to your foot to check your vitals (can't remember what it's called). 
We then spoke with the anesthesiologist and he went over the standard and easy procedure of "going down." Daddy and I were a little concerned as Dad had a reaction to anesthesia once when he was young. He assured us and he sent in the doctor who informed us that you were the next baby. Super Why was on so you didn't have a problem waiting. 

A surgical tech. who looked like Ms. Muffet came and after you voluntarily went to her, took you for the surgery. I am not going to lie. Even though I knew we were doing a great thing for you, it was KILLING me that I didn't have control over the situation. Thankfully, God did.
My handsome boy was delivered back to our room about 30 minutes later, a little groggy and wanting milk. The surgery went perfect. 

The nurse warned us (and so did the babies in the rooms next to us) you would come back from the anesthesia livid but honestly after you were just a little whiny and cuddly. Nothing crazy. about 10 minutes into the car ride, you turned back into our little Mason and other than a 2.5 hour nap (yeah!), have had a normal day. 
With these tubes, there is still a chance you can develop an ear infection. The positive part is that the way we will know is through gunk from your ear. With these, there is no guessing game. If you do get an infection, it is treated with special ear drops. NO MORE freakin' antibiotics! Not that he will read this but Dr. Vick, we are so grateful for your kindness. We will recommend you to all whose children are in need of ENT services. 

Love you, 

P.S. Leaving you with some pictures I took last Saturday at the Jolly/Stewart wedding!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All In a Day's Work


Your rapid-fire learning is really unreal. Seriously. This is everything that just happened today!

You looked and pointed at Elmo and said, "Elmo" clear as day and continued for the whole day when you'd play with him.

Today when the hospital called to ask some questions for tomorrow's surgery, she asked if you knew at least 2 body parts. I said yes (head and tummy). Tonight when I told Daddy, he knew you could identify more than that. He asked you ears, nose, and feet. You knew them all! 

While on the computer tonight, Dad asked me to come in the living room. You 2 were all cuddled watching the Braves. I came and sat next to you and Daddy said, "Go Braves" and was doing the tomahawk chop. You started doing it to. I was impressed but you did it a little last year. Tonight however, was different. Every time we would say, "Go Braves" you would do it. When the baseball game came back from commercial, you did it. Crazy! Oh and to top it off, you said baseball. Three times.

While in the shower, you said, "duck."

Love you but STOP GROWING,


I realized the other day that yet again, my letters don't include all the funny, smart, and sometimes strange things you do. Here are some of those worth mentioning (maybe for a second time as I can't remember what I write sometimes).

you have a plastic toy pirate ship (no surprise). you really want to play in it however it is no where near big enough. you will stick your foot in and try to sit and everytime Daddy or I have to get you un-stuck!

you know some letters. ok, I am exaggerating. In the tub, I will show you letters and tell you what they are. You think every letter is T. When playing on the fridge, you think every letter is D.

when we wake up from a nap together or when I bring you in our bed in the morning, you can be a real slug and I love it. There have been times that we have cuddled or been silly in the bed for 30 minutes. you typically sit up then smash your head into my belly and nuzzle until you get comfy.

still obsessed with tummys and backs. you lift people's shirt up and look at or touch their back or tummy.

you say, "throw" and throw a ball. then I say catch and you put your hands out. not quite there yet with the catching but I love how hard you try!

you love helping me with the laundry (yeah!!!). you help me throw the dirty clothes over the bannister then when we get downstairs, I start the washer and you grab articles of clothing and I lift you up so you can throw the clothes in it. you like to hang out by the dryer while I put the clothes in it.

everytime we go into the garage and when I come to get you out of the car, you move your arms in a large circle like you are driving a tractor. well, you are. Daddy likes to let you help him mow the yard. you LOVE Daddy's tractor/ride on mower so much that even when it is just parked, you still want to act like you drive it.

you were sleepin' so well and have totally regressed. we will get there...some day.

love you baby boy,

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Owl on The Loose



Friday, April 8, 2011

17 months

Mas of Base,

I almost wasn't going to write. I have so much to say and don't feel like it is ever comprehensive enough. You are such a great kid with the quirkiest personality. I tell Daddy all the time that I can't believe you are seriously ours! Granted, you give us a run for a money sometimes but the amount of love we have for you grows each day. 
Here is what is up with you at 17 months old!

you are a ferocious cookie monster! The other day Daddy said, "a man can't live on cookies alone." you would beg to differ. you clearly say, "cookie" for cookies, candy, and other shouldn't haves.

you crack me and Bamaw up with some of your jibber jabber. Your favorite word is "cool yea" which to you means, "cook/cooking." you say it with a yiddish spit and we think it's hilarious.

check out say what? for all your fabulous jargon!

you know how to get your point across and it amazes me. you will push, pull, or drag us to where you want us then point to or say what you want.

you LOVE to imitate sound. the birds, weird platypus toy, car horn (you say, "bup"). you also made up another sign. when you want to sit on the ride-on mower, you moe your arms like you are driving!

This week was fantastic as Mommy was on spring break! On Tuesday we met Ollie and his mom at the children's museum and had a great time.
short stack
you loved stealing kids carts and taking them up and down

of course, you found the rake
went up and down all by yourself
why the sad face? you kept hitting the little girl with the fishing pole and we wouldn't let you...
need to make hanging out with them a regular thing!
yeah, we don't know her...
As you can see from the photo above, you have no clue about stranger danger. Numerous times you have walked up to young children (typically girls and around 4-6) and babies and just hug them. Here are some instances:
In Dick's. Walk up to a 6 year old girl and hug her legs. Then loom up at her and hug her again. 
In Gymboree. You walk up to a little girl and she introduces herself. You hug her then take her hand and walk to the front of the store.
Yard sale this morning. While "helping" us run the yard sale at Pop and Bamaw's, a little boy walks up. You immediately run toward him and hug him
It again, makes us laugh hysterically! You also are now hugging me. I mean really hugging me. When you see me or want me, you reach out and the second a grab you, you throw your arms tightly around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder. Only to me. 

Back to our week! On Wednesday, Haven came over to play! You of course hugged him too. Just like with Wyatt, you had to play with the exact toy he was. It was entertaining.

Thursday, we took a day trip with A.J. and Wyatt to Chattanoga, TN. State number 7 I believe (Florida, California, South Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona and North Carolina (even though they were just lay overs). Anyway, we left at 9:15 and you were asleep by 9:45. The drive went great there and back awake or not for both of you. It shocked me. We started the day at the Tennessee Aquarium. None of us were too impressed but there were a couple exhibits that were cool.
all by your little self
you loved playing in the stingrays water
and getting sanitized after

you actually gave the alligator the cheese face

After we left and after lunch, we took you two to the Creative Discovery Children's Museum. Holy cow that place was awesome. So many exhibits, so little time. If you can believe it, we stayed there for 3 hours!

your favorite part was for sure the music exhibit

you like to do circles. 

could have stayed in there all day
how we started
after Wyatt attacked with a boat 
10 minutes into the ride home there wasn't a peep from the peanut gallery. We finished the evening with dinner (free!) and a 30 minute bath.

you sing and hum all the time. the other day we were driving home and Dad and I were thinking, man he is making a lot of whiny noises. we turned around and your eyes were shut and you were singing yourself to sleep. I love when you do that. Today when we were out for a walk, you were humming the whole way home. You still love, "e-i-e-i-o, little teapot, itsy bitsy, monkeys and alligators, ABC" and many others. You LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing to you toolbox's ABC song!

Nicknames: Porky/Porky Pig, Trinkit, Doodle, Boo Boo/Boo Boo Bunny, Mas, Mas of Base, Goober

sometimes you walk on your tip toes

you are still an extremely picky eater. some days you love something and the next day it is on the floor.

schedule update - your one nap has moved to 2:00 right after lunch. perfect for when school starts!

you can walk down the stairs now! you hold my finger until we get to the bannister then you hold on to it and walk downstairs.

As far as sleeping, you slept through the night without any interventions for 3 weeks straight. You stopped this week since you know Mommy is home. Thankfully you slept from 9-7:30 straight through last night.

Love you,
Last year...