Saturday, June 26, 2010



Another fun play date with Wyatt and Jakson. Of course, you slept through half of it but you had a good time none the less. You have such a high pitched voice in comparison to the boys. While Wyatt's mommy was blowing up his toy, I was holding you while Wyatt just kept laughing at you. So cute.

I know all of us mommy's are looking forward to watching you guys grow up together. Wyatt's mommy thinks we should move into the same school district; I am all for that!

In other news, your scooting is in full force. You even got up on your knees and rocked today. Pop gives you a week until you are crawling on all fours. Speaking of Pop, he is the only one you really reach for still. You lovey him. You do this really strange thing when Grandma and I first hold you. You like squeeze and try to eat our shoulders. Weirdo. 

Love, Mom

Friday, June 25, 2010

What you got boy, is hard to find

Lady at La Parilla: "Your son is beautiful"

Me: "Thank you"

Lady: "He should be a model baby"

Me: "He is"

Pretty Baby of Mine

  • Your first photo shoot went great. You modeled for Bright Start's 3-in-1 high chair and cart cover and play mat. Come 4 months from now, we will see if you or one of the other 3 babies made the product's box. Just like at the test shoot, you had fun with the other babies there, especially Oliver. 

  • When you are just being playful, you started making this, "arr" dragon noise. Sometimes you get so playful you scream. So funny.
  • You now have 2 teeth! Your bottom left tooth came in. 
  • Grandma started singing the song Pretty Baby to you when you were very small. Any time you get fussy when you are eating, needing to look up at a shoot, or when you just get mad, she will sing the song and no joke, you brighten up.
  • You look more and more like Daddy everyday.
  • Great Grammy and Pop came into town last week. We try to see them every day. Pop loves to sing the "de de de" song and Grammy loves to make sure you are safe. She always has her eye or hand on you. Great Gram and I gave you your first bath in the sink the other day. It was awesome. I think we are going to do that or take a shower with you until you are big enough for the real tub.
  • I got you on camera! You started really scooting. You push with your feet and pull with your hands. The only way to get you to do it is to put something we know you love in front of you. You aren't up on all 4s though. Just gliding.
  • We bought a jumperoo for you today. You are just too active for your exersaucer.
  • When you are in your jumperoos, you like to keep your left arm out and your right one in. Also when you bang on your high chair, you seem to do it more with your left hand.
  • After finding out that Wyatt and Jakson were eating puffs, Grandma and I figured we could start you on them. You choked a little the first 2 days but you seem to be getting the hang of it. 

You at the bank waiting to set up your bank account

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Because you love me


I always sing the Celine song to you last; it is a guarantee you will fall asleep. Last night you spit out your pacifier and stared at me. I sang the song and you were out. You finally have started sleeping through the night again. From the day we left Florida until 2 days ago, you would get fussy 2 or 3 times.

We have been able to just chill at home lately and it has been SO nice. I am treasuring it as I got a job for next school year. It is going to mean less time with you which is awful. I dread that. Daddy and I want to give you the world. Allow you to have opportunities. Mommy has to work in order for that to happen.

You have had a runny nose since we got home from FL. We took you to the Dr. Monday just to check and it is just a cold. He put you on Triaminic (the cold and allergy one) at 1/2 teaspoon every 12 hours. I am giving it to you as needed every 12. You weighed 16 pounds 8 ounces.


Modeling our matching shirts the day after we got home from the beach:
Yes Daddy has one two with "Daddy" on the front. Someone had to take the pic though!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day


Today, we are celebrating wonderful fathers. I happen to know a thing about great Dads which is why I am taking the time to shout out to two of my favorite men.

Your Dad is my best friend. While we are not doing anything to celebrate today (he is sick), his contribution to our family should be celebrated all the time. He loves you so much and does things for you some Dad's laugh at. I will never forget how excited he was when he found out we could be pregnant. He always wanted to be a father and he is pretty darn good at it. Waking up at night, getting up early, doing silly dances or running around the house in circles to keep you from crying. You name it, he is cool with doing it. All out of love.

Now your Grandpa (my dad) is a rare gem. Sometimes I think he is the Wizard of Oz. Like the all-knowing. Now would be a great time to ask for the video we took when we told my parents they were going to be grandparents for the first time. Grandpa blushed and smiled. You could tell he was ready. When he found out you were a boy he was even more stoked (finally someone to mow the lawn!). Now that you are here, he is the perfect grandpa. He loves on you, lets you poop/throw up on him (he wouldn't even change my diaper), and lets you drool on his computer. The way you stare at him when he is talking serious is so funny. I can tell you already look up to him.

The thought of you being a Daddy one day puts some serious pressure on me. I hope I raise you to be a Daddy just like mine and yours.

Love ya booger (literally),

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sand in my Quack


June 12-16th was your first trip to the beach. Panama City Beach. We left at 1:00 in the morning (we being Mom, Dad, Chris, and your girlfriend, Alex) and other than the couple of times we stopped (it was bright), you were sound asleep (as were me and Alex). You LOVED the water and sand (more to come about that), but HATED the heat. On the first day, you fell asleep on me immediately after we got outside. I put you in the sand on the second day. It was interesting. You put your hands in it (a little apprehensive at first) then grabbed a big chunk and put it in your mouth. Needless to say, the following day, you didn't put the sand anywhere near your mouth. The 2 of us spent a lot of time playing in our condo. I brought down a blow-up duck bath tub to use on the beach. You liked it but got bored after about 10 minutes (like with pretty much everything). One night, the 5 of us did this maze thing and while it is 100 degrees outside and I am running around trying to beat Daddy, you fall asleep. Yeah, we didn't even finish the maze. You are SO heavy now (I guess a little under 17 lbs.)! On the trip, you started to say, "hey/hi" and you even tried to say, "Al e." You LOVE Ms. Alex (hopefully Aunt Alex). She makes me smile more than anyone. You slept awful in FL (we brought the pack n play which you napped in a few times prior). On the way home, you were an angel. Awake and happy. TOTALLY threw me. I don't know why I ever doubt you; you are extraordinary.

In other news, you are using level 3 nipples, wearing almost all 9 month clothes, can pick up things with your fingers perfectly, make full head turns to see something, are impossible to change, say "ump" or "ummm" and stiffen up if you get mad, hate having your nose wiped, can almost run you walk so fast, sit up wonderfully, bounce really freakin' high, and like to steal toys.

I found out that you are that kid today. That kid you steals toys when other kids are playing with them. Your friends Wyatt (1 day older) and Jakson (1 week younger), their mommies, and the 2 of us went to Swift-Cantrell park today, laid out blankets, and had a play date. Wyatt observed as you took toys from Jakson causing Jakson to "bite" (more like slobber) on your head. It was funny! You are the smallest of the 3 but the most active for sure. 
This one is funny. Right before the "biting" incident.
Staring at a John Deere

Last night the agent from KidsII, the company you did the test shoot with, called the the company LOVED you. They have you booked for a shoot June 24th. I am so excited for you and don't worry; the money will go into your college fund!

Also, you LOVE 4 year olds. You can pick them out. The Friday before we left for Florida, the 3 of us went out to eat with Mommy's friend Kerri, her daughter Kamryn, and Kerri's friend, Mike. Kamryn entertained you in the high chair for over an hour. Then while in Panama City playing put-put, you stared at a boy, following his every move. Although I knew the answer, I asked him his age and he said,l "4." I guess you really enjoyed all the time you spent in Grandma's 4 year old class.

You love to type on Grandpa's computer. The best part is that you look at the computer! Oh and you can give kisses now. Give kiss!

Love you,
Mommy (which you still haven't said)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 months old


I can't believe that 7 months ago at 9:25 this morning, I gave birth to you. I remember it was such a great experience and I was SO happy to finally meet you. It really doesn't feel like it has been that long. Only 5 more months and we will be celebrating the big 1!
You have been pretty grouchy today and the cause is pretty cool. You are getting your first 2 teeth! I can feel the tip (spikey!) of one of the bottom ones and see the white in your gums from both. I gave you some Tylenol (generic brand since the original was recalled) and you are taking a nap (Tylenol didn't seem to help much. Bought some teething tablets so we'll try that). You started putting your feet in your mouth a few days ago (Dad said you did it a while ago but I don't believe him). You scoot backwards when you get mad but you aren't interested in scooting anymore. We have been giving you more showers than baths lately since we have had issues with the water. You don't mind them but you LOVE the bath a lot more. You still get fussy once a night but are put back to sleep with a position change (you like your belly and side) and paci. Last night, we had great family time. Here are some pics (gotta love the "jean" diapers):

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So much fun!


We really have a lot of fun together. To be honest, I thought I wasn't made to be a stay at home mom. But just the past 2 weeks, I have really come to treasure every little moment and love spending time with you. Yesterday, I took you to Target and Publix for the first time by myself. It was so nice just me and you. You even sat in the cart for the first time!
You also put your foot in your mouth yesterday (while laying on your back, you do it all the time when you sit up). Speaking of sitting up, just in the past 4 days, you have mastered sitting upright. You love playing sitting "like a big boy." 
You have also become very attached to your "lovies." As far as sleeping in your crib goes, you still are not a big fan of all the space and sometimes you roll into a position Dad and I need to move you out of. You seem to like your new car seat. I love hearing you sing with me (when you aren't screaming your head off of course) in the back seat.
Random but this morning you woke up WAY too early (I LOVE that 7:00 is early now) and Daddy and I put you in bed with us. As you like to do, you began playing with my face. Then you shoved your finger up my nose and made it bleed (lol).
You also found your tongue earlier this week. You will have to see the video to know what I am talking about. You pull up in your high chair and open you mouth really wide for food. I am teaching you to say, "ahh" and you do it sometimes.
Today was your first day in NMC's KCRG. I am guessing you liked it because you pooped and took a short nap. Mommy is still having a hard time letting go; I thought about you the whole time.
We are working on teaching you the following words: dog, hi and bye bye, book, and mama. So far dog seems like it may be the next word. You say "do" and "g" but not together. 
You continue to love reading books before bed. Your favorites include: That's not my Pirate, Black on White, Baby's First Words, Farm Animals (Baby Einstein). 

Love you forever,

What a difference!


Thought this was funny. Here is Mommy Daddy while we were boyfriend and girlfriend in September of 2007 by a wood pole at The Playground of Dreams

Here was us in May 2010 by the same pole

LOL. Time changes everything. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love ya Buddy,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strike a Pose

Dear Mason,

On Wednesday, I took you for a test photo shoot for the company KidsII. They are looking for models and you got a call back! No cost to us and you had a great time. They only had to take 5 shots and all of them were great. You really are a happy kid.

You love to sleep with  "lovies" (your spit up rags). I loved to sleep with 2 blankets growing up so I figured I'd start you on it.

Daddy and I took you to the animal shelter on his day off. We figured since you love Sicily so much that you'd love the shelter; and you did! You got mad at Daddy becuase you wanted to touch a puppy and when that puppy barked at you, you smiled then giggled. Then a larger puppy barked at you and you did it again! We took you into the big dog room and lo and behold, you fell asleep. You are a strange fella.

Love ya to pieces,