Monday, May 10, 2010

Red blanket play time with Daddy

Bubbly, blonde, blue-eyed, blanket-lovin', bouncy, bashful, beautiful, babbling, big baby boy!

Happy Birthday, A.K.

Today is A.K.'s 20th birthday. I wanted to take time to write about you and your Aunt Kimmy. She loves you with very fiber of her being. Every person she has ever met knows about you because she brags on you constantly. You love playing and laughing with her but she can put you to sleep too. At Ms. Holly's baby shower she rocked you on the couch (she rocked, not the couch) until you fell asleep. Many a time she has played John Mayer for you and sung you to sleep. You and A.K. have a special bond and I am glad because she is a great baby sister to me!

Love, Momma

My First Mother's Day


You and Daddy made my very first mother's day wonderful. You let Daddy and I sleep in until 8:15! Daddy made me pancakes then the two of us cuddled for the first of two naps together after Daddy left for work. We spent the whole day just hanging out. I love the card you got for me and the beautiful picture you drew inside. Daddy surprised me with butcher block counter tops when he got home from work then we went out to eat. I love being your mommy Every second of every day I feel blessed.

My new baby at 1 week old

My big boy at 6 months
Look at just the leg difference!