Saturday, May 8, 2010

6 months old

I have a 6 month old baby boy! Unbelievable how fast the time goes by. You have started to spit (yeah) and continue to babble all the time. Your hands don't reach for people yet but today, you did lean toward me when I put my hands out (now for the real yeah!). You reach for toys and if you can't reach them, you will scoot to get them.
Which one should I choose?

That one!

Sometimes, if I place the toy to your side, you will roll just enough to get then roll back. 5 steps with mommy holding your hands is your max (you go backwards and forwards). It is so cute watching you try to walk because you try to propell yourself by "dancing." You do crunches until I grab your fingers then you pull up to a seated position the to standing. The way you get excited to see Daddy and I is adorable. There are times when you just sit and stare at him. I pray you become a man like him.
Today was a particularly stinky half birthday for you. I found out this morning that I have strep throat so grandma took you for the day. What a fantastic way to spend my day off (not).

The Mom

Yum! Carrots!
All clean!


On Friday, the Dr. said you now have an ear infection and a stomach virus. Pedialyte and anti-biotics (Omnicepft) for a few days. Dr. still wasn't reassuring about your white blood cell and platlet count. I called the hospital but they don't know anything yet. You are feeling much better though. Back to you happy lil' self.