Sunday, August 21, 2011

Put that smile upon your face

and let's get ready for school!


Tuesday was your first day of 2 year old preschool. I was very blessed to be able to experience you walking in for the first time. We got to school early so I could take pictures; 
Mommy: say cheese
Mason: no, no mommy
Needless to say, you wanted to be independent. On the way, you said, "school to play." You walked right into the classroom and started playing. Not that I was surprised but man, it proved that you are a little boy!

From what I know, you had a great first day. You were bitten but apparently it's a rite of passage (and they said you got over it really quick). Today you came home with two art projects and the director asked Daddy if you could come more than 2 days because you love it so much.
In other news, 
you walked up 5 steps and down 6 steps completely unassisted today which the the most to date.
you saw a bug, freaked a little (you hate them thank Jesus), then stepped on it. I have taught you well young grasshopper...
we LOVE Gymboree Play and Music. you know what comes next, you like to kiss Gymbo, and you say, "yeah!" all the time
you had a great play date with Wyatt yesterday. honestly, it was probably your best play date ever. you two really played with each other! chasing and laughing (you were hysterical; I don't think I've ever seen you smile so big), bouncing on the trampoline together and cracking up, sharing toys. Wyatt would say, "ready set (or what sounded like it" and you would say "go." just what AJ have always wanted for you two.

Friday night we went to Six Flags. The park was only open to Lockheed employees so it wasn't super packed. I have never heard you say, "weeee" so many times in your life. There were so many rides you could go on; it was great.

you HATED waiting for the rides to start

both Gamaw and I got dizzy; you were bored

nice outfit change. at least we had one for you after Skull Island....
Love you busy bee,