Saturday, January 22, 2011

Repeat after me


Honestly, you never cease to amaze me. This time however, I am truly taken back. I think because I was mentally prepared for previous milestones (because I had seen you work on them), they didn't hit me as hard (hard but this is rough). 

It is ridiculously clear through these letters and accounts that you love music. Yesterday, Gram, Pop, and Great Gram and Pop brought you up to my job to eat lunch. They told me you had been saying, "old mcdonald" the whole way. Whatever guys. No seriously, Gram sung it 1 time and I heard, "old dick da." Holy cow! You have said, "ei ei o" for a little while but this was huge. You continued to sing it all day today.

Speaking of today, Mr. Sponge was at it again. You kept repeating what we were saying. It is really freaking me out! We sang "pretty baby" you said, "pretty baby." Repeatedly. I called Mason,  Dad and I heard you reply, "Maon." You also started something new tonight that just baffles me. Mouthing words. I noticed that tonight while I was singing "away in a manger" and you were dancing with your manger (remember the nativity you love?), that you were moving your mouth (no words). We started singing "Happy birthday" to Gram and Great Gram and Pop and yet again, you mouthed the words. You continued throughout the evening. 

As you can see by how quickly I wrote this note, I am extremely excited about all your new skills. Got to start watching my tongue!

Mommy (my favorite thing you say)


Baby Boo, 

I am not a forgetful person. However, I am a looney tune and sometimes when writing, I leave out things I shouldn't have. I apologize. Thankfully, I am able to redeem myself through the creation of this letter. Here are some things you missed...

one day while home with Daddy over Christmas break, you curled up with your caterpillar and just fell asleep in the middle of the playroom
you love the play place at Chick-fil-a and the one by our house has a ladder of sorts you must climb in order to reach the tunnels. the last time we went probably 3 weeks ago, you climbed to the top. here is you playing with a random child.
you can say, "ye aw" while riding your horse. you can rock back on forth on him too. yo ulove to push his ears and make him neah (spelling?).

you poop pretty regular. I always know about 20 minutes after breakfast it's gonna happen.

you are obsessed with Grammy and Pop's Fisher Price nativity. They couldn't put it away with all of the other Christmas paraphernalia because I know you would have missed it. There is a button at the top of it and you push it, grab it with tow hands and dance.
you like ice cream more than you should

when I said you love to bounce in my last letter I was referring to when you straddle my stomach and bounce on it. ow for me, fun for you.

you love carrying around soft blankets (not a new fact but needed mention)

we have started using a potty! i bought a seat for the potty and just set you on it before bath/shower time. you have yet to go and I am not pushing it but I just want you to get used to it.

you love the dishwasher. I let you "help" me unload it. Daddy...not so much.

your hair is no long enough to MOHAWK!
you no longer enjoy avocados and you don't like ketchup

If I think of more, I will add it and don't worry, I'l get better at adding details (lol).