Friday, September 16, 2011

Growing, we do it every day


Yes, I quoted Barney. It's only fitting seen as how you are obsessed with the three Barney VHSs we own. Each day you surprise me by revealing a new trick up your sleeve. Like tonight in the bath tub, you were playing perfectly (which is more rare than an uncooked steak) and I heard you whisper, "clean up." You began putting everything back in the EXACT place you got it from; shampoo, loofah, toys. When you were finished, you said, "out" and once I pulled you out you said, "baby." After every bath, I bundle you up as tight as I can and I parade you around saying, "look, I have a new baby, oh sweeeeet baby Mason" and you absolutely love it. This isn't the first time you have said that but it reminds me that those mirror neurons of yours are working overtime.

A few days ago, Daddy and I took you to the park to play with AJ and Wy Wy (or Iat, whichever you are in the mood to use). The pictures speak for themselves.

You are learning so much at school and I love that we can see it translate to home already. I love coming home on Tuesday and Thursday and seeing all of the awesome artwork. When I show you, you tell me what you made with a big smile on your face. You also love church on Sundays. Every time I go to pick you up, you are chasing someone around the room.
We tried on your 4th (yes, 4th) costume for Halloween. You don't like it as much as your Elmo or dog costumes but I know Daddy does. Your 4th costume (to be worn trick-or-treating) will be fabulous (no clues or nothin'
The three of us have been having so much fun together the past few weeks. I really love our family dynamic! We have taught you how to play football (down (you squat), set, hut/hike and we run at you LOL), taken you to Celebrate Freedom where you got your first tattoo, swung you in your chute to your new favorite song (Needtobreathe Washed by the Water), "boomed" on the bed into clean laundry, and just had a blast.
Yes, the twos can be terrible and trying but overall, you make them pretty terrific.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bless Your Heart


Bless your heart for thinking you are seven. For thinking you can do everything and that the phrase, "your too little for that" will get you a smirk followed by the action...completed with ease. Bless your heart for being so gosh darn cute. It saves you from a gosh darn spankin'. Bless your heart for being so smart. It's going to kill me. Bless your heart for being so generous with your love. I hope it doesn't hurt you one day.
Bless my heart for beginning to feel useless. You are growing up too fast, Porky.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Phone Dump


Thanks to your buddies Jakson and Henry's mom, I hope to periodically get some awesomeness off mine and Daddy's phone from the past month and share it with you.

your first visit to the dentist. you loved the waiting room and sat so nicely in the chair. you hated having your teeth brushed (full tears and all) but you got a clean bill of health!

celebrating your first day of school at Capos


Take your son to work day


Love you, Baby,