Sunday, April 11, 2010

So our week together

has come to an end. Below is a few notes about our time together:
  • You are just chillin' in your jumperoo at Grandma's. You LOVE it and finally, you like the Baby Einstein entertainer.
You try to put all the different do dads in your mouth. Sometime you'll even get pissed off them and scream. Funny story about the entertainer. So early in the week, I put you in it and showed you all the fun toys. Then, 2 hours later, you started playing with the toys, even going as far as hitting the animals to make them make noise.

  • You met your friend Haven on Tuesday and you two were a hoot to see together. He would put your hand in his mouth or grab your shirt. You weren't too happy with the shirt grabbing but I know as you boys get older, shirt grabbing will be the least of Mrs. Weaver and I's worries :)

  • Today, you made your first poopy face and grunted.
  • Yesterday you decided to scare the crap out of Mommy and get on your knees while laying on your belly.
  • A couple days ago, I decided to purchase a Maclaren Triumph umbrella stroller. While expensive it was definitely the way to go. We have already been on a lot of walks and you love when You and Daddy chase me (while I run backward) down hills :)
  • You have now eaten the Earth's Best Baby Food brand of stage one peas, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Holy cow you LOVE sweet potatoes and carrots. You don't mind the peas and pears and so far, your not too enthusiastic about the bananas. 
    Love you my growing boy and I am going to miss you profusely at work tomorrow.