Friday, January 8, 2010

Flashback to your delivery

Now this was the fun part. Not being sarcastic!

I received the epidural about 45 minutes after I was admitted and it was a piece of cake. Your Grammy, Pop, and Aunt Kimmy arrived very shortly after we called to to them (2:30 am) and at that point, they decided we should get some sleep since we never did sleep (3:30 am). Since I wasn't sleeping, the nurse went ahead and started me on Pitocin and when that only got me from 4 cm to 6 cm, she called the doctor in to break my water. Dr. Ruffin (Mommy's favorite!) told me that first babies take longer but that she hoped I delivered before she went off call at 7:00 that night. Well, Mommy went from 6 cm to 9 cm in about an hour and from 9 cm to 10 cm in about 30 minutes. So about 8:30 after I told the nurse I wanted to push, I got the go ahead. 

Mommy was in no pain. There was a window in our room and the sun had just come up and it was a beautiful fall day. The nurses, doctor, Daddy, and I were laughing and smiling and I remember saying as I was pushing, "this is actually fun." I know I am very blessed to have had it so easy. Dr. Ruffin came in around 9:15 and you were delivered at 9:25. I admit, your head coming out made me feel like I was on fire but it was only more of an incentive to get you out of there (sorry if TMI). I got to hold you for only a second since you were so tiny. In fact the first thing I said to you was, "he is so tiny." 
Seeing you for the first time was magical. I couldn't believe the baby I had talked about and dreamed about having my whole life was finally here. This is his body, his eyes. These are the noises and faces he makes. You were just as amazing then as you are now!

Love always,

Flashback to when we found out we were in labor!

So you may not have been happy in the above picture but your Mommy and Daddy were! Delivering you was one of the greatest experiences I will ever have. Your labor show us that you wanted to meet us just as bad as we wanted to meet you. Here is the story, Wee One...

Tuesday, the two of us went to the doctor because I was cramping. The doctor decided to check to see how far along I was in the early labor process. Turns out I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The doctor said, ""well, I'll see you next week." I said, "of course because I come to see you every week." He proceeded to point toward the hospital and say, "no, over there." I was a bit stunned because we were only 37 1/2 weeks. For the remainder of the week, I had what I believed to be contractions (I had no clue). On Wednesday, Dad
dy and I went to Scalinis for their eggplant since it a rumor that it brings on labor within 48 hours (I ate my leftovers on Friday so we kinda did). 

Then comes Saturday night. We choose La Parilla for dinner since my principal advised me that spicy food may also induce labor. Well...once we got home, I noticed the contractions were coming more frequently. I timed them and they weren't consistent and I wasn't in any pain at all so I figured it was false labor. Daddy was completing the fini
shing touches on the hardwood floors when I decided to hit the hay. While in the bathroom, I noticed I was bleeding substantially so I called Daddy upstairs. He advised we call the doctor who advise we come in to the hospital to make sure all was good. Since we didn't see the urgency, we finished packing our hospital bag and changed clothes. I remember singing in the car on the way. Still in no pain at all (1:00 am). 
After watching Daddy sleep and waiting an hour in the waiting room since they were full, we were sent to the area where they decide to admit you or not. At that point, my contractions seemed like they were 4 minutes apart but since I was still in no pain, I knew, as well as Daddy, that we were going to be sent home. WRONG! 4 cm dilated, fully effaced, with a bulging bag...we were in labor! 

Contractions 3 minutes apart
Right when we found out we were going to have you that day

2 months old

Whoa! I have a 2 month old. Mason, you are so fun and awesome! The past 3 nights have been great too. You are still eating twice at night but you have been sleeping through most of your transitions! You get more handsome by the day. I think you look like me but Daddy swears you look like him. We both hope you look like us because you are so beautiful. 
Yesterday, you went to Benjamin's house and he loved playing with you! He grabbed you and kept wanting to touch you. His mommy and I are looking forward to when you two can play together. 
Love you,