Thursday, April 14, 2011

All In a Day's Work


Your rapid-fire learning is really unreal. Seriously. This is everything that just happened today!

You looked and pointed at Elmo and said, "Elmo" clear as day and continued for the whole day when you'd play with him.

Today when the hospital called to ask some questions for tomorrow's surgery, she asked if you knew at least 2 body parts. I said yes (head and tummy). Tonight when I told Daddy, he knew you could identify more than that. He asked you ears, nose, and feet. You knew them all! 

While on the computer tonight, Dad asked me to come in the living room. You 2 were all cuddled watching the Braves. I came and sat next to you and Daddy said, "Go Braves" and was doing the tomahawk chop. You started doing it to. I was impressed but you did it a little last year. Tonight however, was different. Every time we would say, "Go Braves" you would do it. When the baseball game came back from commercial, you did it. Crazy! Oh and to top it off, you said baseball. Three times.

While in the shower, you said, "duck."

Love you but STOP GROWING,


I realized the other day that yet again, my letters don't include all the funny, smart, and sometimes strange things you do. Here are some of those worth mentioning (maybe for a second time as I can't remember what I write sometimes).

you have a plastic toy pirate ship (no surprise). you really want to play in it however it is no where near big enough. you will stick your foot in and try to sit and everytime Daddy or I have to get you un-stuck!

you know some letters. ok, I am exaggerating. In the tub, I will show you letters and tell you what they are. You think every letter is T. When playing on the fridge, you think every letter is D.

when we wake up from a nap together or when I bring you in our bed in the morning, you can be a real slug and I love it. There have been times that we have cuddled or been silly in the bed for 30 minutes. you typically sit up then smash your head into my belly and nuzzle until you get comfy.

still obsessed with tummys and backs. you lift people's shirt up and look at or touch their back or tummy.

you say, "throw" and throw a ball. then I say catch and you put your hands out. not quite there yet with the catching but I love how hard you try!

you love helping me with the laundry (yeah!!!). you help me throw the dirty clothes over the bannister then when we get downstairs, I start the washer and you grab articles of clothing and I lift you up so you can throw the clothes in it. you like to hang out by the dryer while I put the clothes in it.

everytime we go into the garage and when I come to get you out of the car, you move your arms in a large circle like you are driving a tractor. well, you are. Daddy likes to let you help him mow the yard. you LOVE Daddy's tractor/ride on mower so much that even when it is just parked, you still want to act like you drive it.

you were sleepin' so well and have totally regressed. we will get there...some day.

love you baby boy,