Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day


Great day with family! Outlet mall with A.K. and Gamaw (she has a name now!) then play time with Memaw, Granddaddy, and the rest of the terrific Turners. You really hold your own in the family, especially with the three C.A.T.s.

oh comes Mason to steal the tractor
Mom, why is he on it? I wanna ride.

not sure...

who am I kidding? I love it!

Love you, you crazy party animal,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Really Somethin'

Sweet baby,

It is amazing how fast time is just flying by. Last night, we went to Taylor Reilly's graduation party and even though you aren't graduating until 2028, I remember when he was little and how much he has accomplished in what seems like such a short time. Scary to think that you aren't always going to be little!
Speaking of, everyone loved you last night. Seriously. Aunt Puff's pop kept saying, "he is really somethin'!" Exactly what my Pop would say. Eating, dancing, running away (good times), last night was so fun.
You LOVE water even more every day. You find it in all different places too and make sure we see the "ardy." Two and sometimes three word phrases are now used CONSTANTLY. I am trying to keep up with everything but between, "no no ma ma" and "ooo big" and "cookie peess" and "pirate," I am just so flabbergasted! Even with your receptive language you have grown exponentially. For a while you have been able to "dust it off" when you fall and you brush your hands together or on your shirt, you can bring me things, clean up (and you will until it's all finished), do laundry (which I hope you continue to LOVE), and more. While watching your movie the other day, Daddy kept looking at me and pointing at you. We are both SO surprised at how many animals you recognize and can say (can't wait to take you to the zoo!).
growing so fast!
oh my goodness
I am so great it kills me!
Got you some new kicks today from good ol' Stride Rite. 

Hoping they will help you with your balance. Check out these knees! You fall at least once a day and open the scab.
Your sickness is finally clearing up. After you rejected all medication including your antibiotic, we took you to CHOA and of course, you took the steroid medication the dr. gave you and your antibiotic. I also gave you a Feverall suppository (the things we do for our children), it is was fabulous! You still have a mucusy cough but it's not really phasing you.
You are now napping closer to 12:30 and sometimes we wait to put you down until after lunch. The other day we went to the pool around 12:45 and you played for a while before you gave in to the sleepiness. Just like last year, you totally conked out in the pool! But of course, not before you swam to me. No lie, you kicked and swam to me! Gotta love Grandma pushing you at swimming lessons!
Mason, you are really somethin'!

Love you Buddy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bubble Boy


If only I could put you in a bubble. Then maybe you wouldn't get sick. Oh wait. You do live in a bubble! You are either with Mommy, Daddy, or Grandma and you rarely see other children.  I cringe thinking of the illnesses you will pick up at school in the fall.
After an awkward morning, Grandma knew something wasn't right. The past three nights you would get fussy at least once and one time you asked for water. Ms. Diane took your temperature and it was 99.3 and by the time we left, it was 101.4. She took one look into your mouth and said it was swollen, red, and your tonsils were huge. Tonsillitis with a treatment of a 3 hour rotation of Tylenol and Advil (children's now because you weighed just a tad over 24 lbs.) and Omniceft (the dreaded diarrhea and diaper rash antibiotic) for 10 days. Last night you slept worse than you have ever slept. You just can't catch a break!
The other day you started using 2 and 3 word phrases and each day you add new words to your vocabulary. It is quite extraordinary to hear you use new words and correctly.
Wednesday was your last day of swimming lessons and you did a great job. In swimming you learned to blow bubbles, kick, jump to Grandma, and even swim a little. We are so proud of you and can't wait to work on everything over the summer. 
Still up for playing outside with Mommy!

you love blowing these
for you Mommy

Love you Buddy. Feel better.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have poopy


Two nights ago at Chris and Alex's house, you walked over to me and said, "I have poopy." And you were right. First sentence...check (if "dog go ruff ruff" didn't count last week)! While you were there you also said, "kitty cat" and thouroughly enjoying playing with their cat.
Yesterday when I was getting in you in the car, you looked down and said, "Issy poopy." You knew who pooped on the lawn and it wasn't you.
You go pee on the potty everytime I put you on (which is still before baths/showers). I am so excited for next month's potty training!


Friday, May 13, 2011

18 months

I cannot believe it was almost a week ago that you turned a year and a half! 2 is just a short 6 months away. Blows my mind.

We bought your first pair of flip flops (your official inauguration into our flip flop wearin' family). I put them on and boy did the dimples shine! You LOVED them and you thought you were the coolest guy. Dadddy and I also bought you some Crocs for the summer (finally found your size (which is about a 4.5-5)).

I took you to bed a couple nights, turned off the light, and you kept saying, "tee tu tee tu." I said, "your welcome" because I thought you were saying thank you. We sat in the rocking chair and I started to sing the first song I always sing to you. Can you guess? Twinke Twinkle. You sung right along with me, "tee tu tee tu." You knew it was coming :)

You love to give hugs and even made up a sign for when you really want one (you hug yourself). I love when you give me the friend pat too. A few weeks ago, the three of us were sitting on the couch watching music videos and Thompson Square's Are you gonna kiss me or not came on. Sure enough, you leaned into me and gave me a big "um" and we started the serial kissing. You can't just kiss once, especially if there is someone else nearby. You go back and forth between the people and average about 3 kisses each!

Laundry. You going to start doing it on your own soon. I say something like, "time to do laundry" and put it on the floor. You grab it and put each piece through the bannister. If you forget an article, I'll remind you "one more" and you'll grab it and toss it down. Then when we get downstairs, I open the washer and you grab pieces (usually 2 or 3 at a time), walk toward the washer, and throw it into the "ardy." You love helping with any chore  (you love cooking) and have fabulous receptive language.

You saw a dog on TV and said, "dog go" and started barking. First sentence? Not sure but pretty awesome.

You are obsessed with airplanes and choo choos. An airplane will be flying over and you stop what you are doing and put your hand up and attempt to say something (airplane is a big word).

There is now a sign (made up by you of course) for hot. You not only say it but you put your hand up (like you are saying stop). You know how to blow and it cracks me up. Anytime we see something burning (candle, neighbor next door smoking, etc) you start seriously blowing. Sometimes you will do it even if you see a bright light. We are still working on blowing hot food.

You saw a waterfall a few days ago and holy cow, you were in "ardy" heaven! "Ardy" is everyones favorite word because you roll the r and you don't even attempt to say water.

You are very ready for your own car. You say it with a New York accent (unlike Memaw which is said straight southern) which makes it even better. Yesterday we saw an electric Escalade and climbed in a started driving with a grin ear to ear. A week or so ago Daddy and you drove his car from the driveway to the garage. That combined with a lawn mower ride. Heaven.

You hate leaving. When someone leaves or our car pulls away from Grandma or Memaw's house, you get so upset. Memaw watched you a week or so ago for a little while and you got so upset that I took you out of the car and let you play a little longer.

Last week you had a Baby Einstein Go See followed by a call back shoot the next day. Neither were actual jobs but you are now (like you are ever few months) on the up-to-date casting reel for Kids II. The three of us got to go to the shoot and we had fun (when the three of us are together, it's always fun).

Your schdule really hasn't changed. You wake up average 7:30-8:00, nap around 11:30-12:00, and go to bed around 8:30-9:00. I AM PROUD TO REPORT THAT YOU ARE CONSISTANTLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Everything has been "upy" lately. You want to be wherever we are are actively engaging in it. Whether it is up on the couch watching TV or up in our arms while cooking.

A.K. and I took you for your 18 month pictures and well, we got nothing to show for it. You wouldn't sit to save your life. Tonight we got you to model an outfit Daddy wore when he was little.

Check this out for an up-to-date list of all your receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Mother's day was great. We chilled at home and watched HGTV and apparently you called Daddy at some point and he came home with flowers from you. The three of us went out to eat with Pop and A.K. for dinner then I went with them to pick up Grandma at the airport (I never miss a trip to the airport!).

Little A.K. turned 21 on Tuesday and we ate at Capos. I made a funfetti cake and you freakin' loved it! We made cupcakes for her party and now you are obsessed with "cupy c."

You say "num num" when you are hungry.

You are seriously silly. Your yiddish tone with jabbering, your silly dancing, you love of family hugs, the freakin' tomahawk chop. We laugh every day.

Today I forgot I left you diaperless and when it got quiet, I went looking for you. You were next to Gram and Pop's toilet, staring at your pee on the floor, and saying "poopy." I cannot wait to potty train you! You are so ready. A.K. came over sometime last week while you and Daddy had a yucky stomach bug. The whole day you had diarrhea and it was scaring you a little at the noise it made. We were sitting in the play room and you look at us, make a noisy poop, then look sweetly at us and the in most gentle voice said, "poopy."

You love adventure and are curious about everything.
your "lawn mo"


Thursday, May 5, 2011

If I could be anywhere in the world...

I would go to New Jersey.


I have had the same answer to that question since I was born. Throughout school in essays and even just the other day at work, I was asked If you could be anywhere in the world...I would vividly describe the smell, the experience, and the overwhelming warmth I have always felt when being there. By there, I mean my Grammy and Pop's house. I could go on and on and completely talk you ear off like I did to Daddy one night a few months ago about all the specifics.

Your great Grammy and Pop are second parents to me. I can't even describe how much I love, respect, and appreciate them. Gram, A.K., and I (sometimes Pop) would go to NJ every summer for over a month and we would have more fun each visit. I really hope Daddy (who has never been to my magical place) and I can take you up there next summer and you can experience the lake, the Jersey shore, the fabulous food at the old people restaurants, Willow and Encore, coloring at the kitchen table, and if your lucky, get tucked in by Pop (check!). 

Over spring break, a lot of health issues surface with the G and P. Grammy had a minor stroke and Pop's hip replacement completely crumbled. Both G and P had surgery today. Grandmother Mimi headed up to NJ to be with her parents, brother, and sisters. Praise God both G and P's surgeries went well. Seriously. Praise God. Hopefully they can even grace us with their presence over the summer!

You are so blessed, Mason, to have two magical places with amazing grandparents right around the corner. I know your Grandmother Mimi is looking forward to the day when you have more pictures of her and Pop in the house then of you and your wife (we do!). Can't wait to take you up over the summer!

Your great grammy and pop love you SO much! Seriously you get a card for all holidays (even the tiny ones) and sometimes just for the hell of it just so they can remind you of how much they adore you. I know seeing ahh ahh and pop would make you so happy!

If I could be anywhere in the world tonight, I would be in New Jersey.


Body Surfing


We have had the gate at the top of the stairs removed for a while and we have had no issues. You like to walk down the first three steps using the bannister but then you climb back up. Or you will crawl down backward. Either way is safe. Until today. I was putting away laundry and I heard a tumble. Not a tumble that I usually hear when you throw something down the stairs but a rolling tumble. I caught just the end of it and you were on your belly body surfing down the stairs! I snatched you up and you cried for a second then wanted to get down and play! 

This morning I took you to a Baby Einstein go see. That company is very familiar with you as you have modeled with them several times. They saw you and said, "oh Mason!" Then Ms. Stacey (she was there too!) told the other people (who we hadn't met) that you were on the approved list (guess that's a good thing). They watched you play for a second, saw the smile, commented on your fabulousness and we set up a time for you to attend the pre-shoot tomorrow afternoon. As usual, not sure specifically what it's for but that's part of the fun of it!

After our date at The Vineyard (the restaurant Mommy worked at) this afternoon, I took you to the doctor. You had a nose bleed at 2am a couple days ago and it was the straw the broke the camel's freakin' back! Diane said she couldn't see exactly the problem other than lots of snot way up your tiny nose so she told us to head to Dr. Vick (appt. for the 18th).

Happy birthday shout out to Pop! We love you so much! 


Sunday, May 1, 2011


Holy cow! We have just been having the time of our lives recently. Seriously, I have forgot to mention things and had hoped to write you sooner about others. You know me; let's jump right into it.

Check out say what? for all your new jargon. I was telling Ms. Lisa how crazy it is how much you can say. New things left and right. 

We figured out "ardy" means water. Here is how I gathered that. It is watey (which you also call water) with no w and an r in the middle. Go mom!

You wanted to play "ousi" the other day. I told you one minute, you said "shoe" and went and grabbed your shoes and walked to the chair. Now every time you want to go out with no shoes on I ask you to find your shoes and you find them and walk to the chair so I can put them on.

You aren't a fan of you pal Grayson yet. He came over a few days ago and you liked touching his hand at first. When he started playing with you toy, you just let him have it. Bully.

You love other people's stomach, belly button, and back. You will randomly lift up a person's shirt to find it and get mad if they won't let you.

Daddy and I took you to a Braves game 2 weekends ago. I watched about a half inning of the game but the two of us had a great time. This is going to sound really lame but when we climbed to the top of the play house in the Cartoon Network play area, you were more courageous going down the big slide. You also loved playing with the tomahawk. Had to buy you one. Speaking of baseball, you love sitting with Daddy at night watching the game. Even though you only did it once, you can do the tomahawk chop!

Imitation is your speciality. You LOVE to imitate sounds. When I was spraying furniture polish to dust, you imitated the sound it made. You do it with everything.

You can blow. While at Grandmas, I was straining noodles and when the smoke rose, you started blowing. I was burning a candle the other day and you looked at me and started blowing.

We are having issues with the word bubble. Since to you it means two different things (bubbles we make in water and actual sphere shaped bubbles), when we are blowing bubbles outside and I say, "bubble" you "kiss" the concrete.

I asked you for a kiss the other day and you looked at me and said, "no."

The Spinners, Daddy, and I took you to the circus this past week. Sadly, you couldn't ride a darn thing. We did however take you to see the show. Of course, the only part you liked was the elephant. You got upset when he disappeared behind the curtain but when the next act started and you could see the elephant in his pen, you just kept reaching, saying "ellla."

riding the choo choo
crazy Daddy and Pop on the spinning space ship
Bup has turned to beep (yeah!) and banana turned into booyah (hmm...). 

You slept over Memaw and Grandaddy's for the first time last night along with the three C.A.T.s and had a great time.  You even slept through the night.

Body parts you can identify: head, hair, teeth, tummy, belly button, ears, nose, and feet.

This morning I gave you your first bubble bath. It didn't take you long to give yourself a bubble beard.

You said your first curse word this week. Shit (literally and figuratively). I gots to watch my mouth :( 

I took you for your second haircut two days ago. You look like such a big boy!

Love you Porky,

Here are some pictures we found on Daddy's phone from the middle of April...