Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't let the squirrel get my baby!


Today, Grandma, Pop, and I took you to The Yellow River Game Ranch along with Wy Guy, A.J., and Ms. Debe. Within the first 2 minutes of entering the ranch, we were assaulted! I noticed a squirrel was walking right up to us and made a point to everyone that all of the animals just come up to you, even the ones you don't expect. Right after, the squirrel decides to climb up A.J.'s leg. After she shooshes him off, he decides he wants to jump on your stroller, with you sitting in it! I yell, "Don't let the squirrel get my baby (like he was going to kidnap you)" and A.J. yet again shooshed him away. 
The rest of the walk around the ranch was great. 

You loved watching the animals eat after you fed them

Afterward, we all headed to Mickey D's. You and Wy Guy played in this little dome while we ate and once I finished, I took you out. You cruised over to where the real play place entrance was, crawled into the tunnel and climbed to the third bubble. Whoa, not expecting that! Leaving you with a sweet video from this morning.

With love,

Silly Mae Mae


You think you rule the world and it's quite amusing. Something doesn't go your way, you'll know about it and must do what you want. You love to pull my hair and sometimes you scream when you do it! Especially now that you say, "more" you better give you more pronto. Speaking of, you don't fully say, "more," you say, "moe." Hopefully I can capture that on video soon. Speaking of, it is so hard to catch you doing your thing. I would LOVE a candid video session but the minute you see the camcorder, you crawl/walk to me. You are super talkative. You make this, "o (short o)" sound and you sound french. It sounds like you say, "bob" and "abble" too. 
Today we were all set to go to the air show but the base reached capacity so we took you to the animal shelter. As usual, you had a good time and wanted to play with a big dog A.K. took out. No fear! For about 2 weeks, you have been acting like you realized you have control of your hands. You move your wrists side to side. Anyway, you love standing in your stroller and scaring Grandma. Oh and climbing on tables isn't bad either.

Bought your first pair of Stride Rite shoes!