Friday, December 31, 2010

End Volume I


The time has come to publish the letters I have written over the past year. No worries, I will continue to blog. I plan to create a new book at the beginning of each year. I have throughly enjoyed writing you and I hope you have enjoyed volume I. This year has been filled with wonder, amazement, fun, and most of all, love. Thank you for being you!


11 in 11

11 things we are going to watch you experience in 2011

11. preschool
10. walk up and down the stairs
9. big boy bed
8. your first haircut
7. attempting the big P (potty)
6. running (you pretty much run now but I mean like full-fledged taking off)
5. throwing and catching a ball (you have started throwing, yeah!)
4. trips to NJ and NY (teaching you to say GO YANKEES) and Florida again (Ryan's getting married!)
3. your first sentence(s)
2. coloring!
1. brushing your own teeth and picking out and putting on your clothes 

Just a minuscule fraction of the milestones this year will bring. So excited! This year was filled with amazing growth and change. Mommy met her best friend, you went from preemie clothes to walking in 12 month clothes, Daddy and I found a wonderful new place of worship, we took you on your first four plane rides to see Great Pappy in California, you visited the beach in Florida. It is hard to believe it all happened and we made it out alive! 

Love you,

Monday, December 27, 2010

In Love


Tonight we had some Mommy Mason time and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your company. You make me laugh so hard sometimes. You love to laugh. You would lean back and I would tickle under your neck and you would be hysterical then lean back for another hit! I love when you come running to me with your hands up. You've been doing it a lot lately, especially when we are doing laundry. You want to be on Mommy all the time (or lifting the toilet lid and making your scrunched nose look). Playing with you and watching you learn and grow has been fan-damn-tastic.
There are times when you crack me up when you aren't supposed to (hair pulling, sitting on the fireplace, etc). I know I will regret giving into that cute face one day. Anyway, you did some extraordinary things today as usual. Grandma, Pop, and I heard you say, "thank you" when I handed you your sippy cup and when Pop said "I am going upstairs to do some work," Pop and Grandma heard you say, "me too." Fascinating. Today you found your old friend Ubi (the weird jelly-like thing with tentacles). I would throw it to you, you would pick it up, put your hand out, then drop it. That is how you throw and it's SO cute. We did it for a while. 
You really LOVE your playhouse Dad and I got you for Christmas. Your favorite part is smiling at Mommy when you stand in it, opening and closing the door, and ringing the doorbell. You like the treehouse Grandma and Pop got you too. It has a telescope thing on it and you love being able to look in it and see Mommy. Peek-a-boo is still your favorite game and you play in with clothes on the floor, Mommy closet door (that rhymed), or anything else. 
You love Sicily. The Spinners have taught you to pet her and it is yet again, SO cute. You are so gentle. You love to chase her to her favorite place (under a chair in the living room) and by the time we get in there, you are laying on her. When I say, "what sound does a dog make?" you reply with an airy barking noise. You know that sound well since Sicily growls at you all the time (totally with love of course). 
You walk so fast now. Honestly, I know full-fledged running is right around the corner. You like chap stick and brushing your teeth. Take the stick or toothbrush (with toothpaste) away, and you is not happy. Your appetite is back on completely. Yesterday while out to eat with Wy and A.J., you downed a full quesadilla again and tonight you ate so much, great grandma said enough and she's italian!). Speaking of dinner last night, Wyatt  got the pleasure of hearing the mariachi band for the first time last night. He was in awe and you like usual, speechless. You touched the guys guitar twice. 
Tonight before Daddy left he was holding you running around the house while I chased you with my "claws." You laugh again was contagious. 

In Love,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland


Not a fan of being in the snow

Liked scrapping off the wood

No face plant today! LOL

Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas


What a showcase of blessings! Today we were blessed with the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, family, and amazingly, snow. The day began at 6:40. That's when you woke up. I think it is a preview for the years to come. After cuddling in bed with Mommy Daddy until 8:00, you two woke me up and we headed down stairs. 
You noticed your present immediately and we stoked. Ran right to it and played in it (big playhouse btw). We opened our stocking stuffers (puzzles) then to open presents (instrument set). Then we headed to the Spinner's (in pajamas of course). 

Have I mentioned you like to eat paper?

 Out of the blue, Pop said, "Jen, look outside." SNOW! The first snow on Christmas in 17 years in Marietta and you get in on your second Christmas! You weren't into unwrapping, you liked pulling the paper out of the bags and eating it (with Sicily, your partner in crime). Before heading to Memaw and Grandaddy's, we let you "play in the snow.

We couldn't stop laughing!

Great time and the Turner's. Presents, cousins, toys, you loved it. Now you LOVED the wrapping paper and their house. You kept playing in it and playing peek-a-boo with Todd using it. When you fell backward and couldn't get up, Todd and Memaw said they heard you say clear as day, "help me." Wow! Then when Aunt Tabby came over, you said, "Tabby." Crazy.

So with all said and pretty much done, I think we got 2 inches of snow! Cool! It was a wonderful day and even though Dad and I are super pooped, we put together ALL of your wonderful gifts tonight, including your treehouse and fire truck. Here are some pictures from last year. Even though I knew you were going to grow up, it is amazing how fast it is going by!

Love you,

p.s. I am finally down to only a few nicknames: Babaloo, Peanut, and Mas :)

Christmas Card 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas

Last year before church


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, Mommy and Daddy are stirring quiet as a mouse.
We cannot wait for you to find what Santa, Mommy and Daddy, and our families have for you tomorrow. You are learning how to unwrap. Honestly, you like the paper and boxes better than the gifts.
Anywho, we headed to church at 4:00. It was a blessing they did not offer childcare. It was a joy having you with us. You clapped throughout the music then clapped at the end. When Pastor Craig said, "children raise your hand." You raised both (no lie). You were pretty into the service until communion.
Then after a walk around the square. We took so many great pictures before and after dinner that I just couldn't choose.

You look so mischievous...

On the way home, Daddy and I were screaming singing 12 days of Christmas and you made Daddy and I laugh. I think we were on the 7th day and when we sang, "5 golden..." you said, "rings." Another one that caught us off guard. Desserts at our house proceeded and Memaw and Granddaddy have you a present (a tradition that I hope sticks). You enjoyed it (check out that video).

Ready to see your excitement in the morning,

Over the river and through the woods


Tuesday night we headed to your Great Granny's house to celebrate Christmas early with Grandaddy's family. 

With Granny last Christmas 12/19
You blended right in. Just like at the Spinner's house, you kept up with all the noise and people by talking really loud and running around. You received a few presents but preferred...

the bag instead. It is so nice to have our little Mason back again.