Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 months old


I can't believe that 7 months ago at 9:25 this morning, I gave birth to you. I remember it was such a great experience and I was SO happy to finally meet you. It really doesn't feel like it has been that long. Only 5 more months and we will be celebrating the big 1!
You have been pretty grouchy today and the cause is pretty cool. You are getting your first 2 teeth! I can feel the tip (spikey!) of one of the bottom ones and see the white in your gums from both. I gave you some Tylenol (generic brand since the original was recalled) and you are taking a nap (Tylenol didn't seem to help much. Bought some teething tablets so we'll try that). You started putting your feet in your mouth a few days ago (Dad said you did it a while ago but I don't believe him). You scoot backwards when you get mad but you aren't interested in scooting anymore. We have been giving you more showers than baths lately since we have had issues with the water. You don't mind them but you LOVE the bath a lot more. You still get fussy once a night but are put back to sleep with a position change (you like your belly and side) and paci. Last night, we had great family time. Here are some pics (gotta love the "jean" diapers):