Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Sick


Yep. When you start smiling, sometimes you'll put your hands over your eyes. Your dimples are really coming out now. The other day, Grandpa and I sat you by the sink so you could look at yourself in the mirror (you discovered yourself about 1 week or so ago). You laughed HYSTERICALLY at yourself. I swear, you are the happiest child in the universe.
As the header says, you are still ill. Your ear infection has cleared up (you still have fluid in your right ear though), but your cough and congestion are horrible. Grandma and I took you to immediate care yesterday and they have to stick tubes down your nose and throat to get all the gunk. I cried and boy, so did you. It was awful. You also had your first chest x-ray which proved you don't have pnemonia. Diane (the nurse pracitioner at your dr.'s office that Mommy loves) conducted your re-check today and she said to continue the new antibiotics she started you on last week (since the Amoxil didn't cut it), Omniceft, and check you for RSV since you are wheezing. We will get those results tomorrow. At the Dr., you weighed 13lbs. 6oz. today. What a big boy! Actually, that isn't big for your age but you are very well proportioned (ok, your head is a little big lol). We will go back to the Dr. yet again on Friday for another re-check and your "official" 4 month check-up. If you are still feeling bad, we will hold off on shots (whew!).
You know where your thumb is now! You try to suck it every chance you get. We can hold you like a baby on our hip now. You don't weeble like you used to.

Keepin' you updated always,

*Edit: You don't have RSV!