Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy birthday!


Ok so it's a little early but whatever! Happy early birthday May Day. I took the liberty of buying your birthday present since I knew you would love it. Yup, tents, tunnels, and a ball pit. Ask me to show you the video of when I showed it to you the first time. You were super stoked!

In other news, on Saturday (9/25), you went to Jessica's birthday party where Memaw gave you your first bite of Cheet-Os and you played with your cousins all afternoon. That evening, you spent the night with Grandma and Pop so Mommy and Daddy could celebrate our anniversary. 
You like to chug your sippy
While out to eat, you started clapping! When I saw it the next day, it was so cute! You do it all the time now.

You randomly said, "car" and later that day, "ball." You say ball a lot now. The other day at Grandmas's you looked like you were digging in the kitchen. We said, "Mas, what are you doin'?" You held the ball up and said, "b" very matter of factly. You make this funny no chin face. You will have to see videos or ask Dad or I to show you. For probably over a month now, we say, "come on" and you do just that. We are teaching you your first sign, more.

You say, "whoa" a lot especially when you are climbing. Speaking of climbing, the other day you crawled out of the playroom while I was on the computer. I called to you a few minutes later. No noise. That is never good. On the hunt I went and where did I find you? Three steps up with your hand in a tub of Vaseline. Good times.

You sat on a yellow jacket. Good times. Actually you cried for 2 minutes then wanted us to leave you alone so you could play. No reaction!

Your sleep has been awful. The past few nights, the minute one of us lays you down, you pop right back up. Up until last night, you would pop up and Daddy (not me) could lay you down and rub your head until you fell asleep (ok, if Daddy helped me I could). Last night was a different story. I tried to rub your head and failed to get you back down so as the doctor recommended, I let you cry. I said, "nigh night" and walked out. You screamed like someone was stabbing you for 5 minutes until Daddy and I came up and rubbed your head and you fell asleep. Then comes 2 a.m. The screaming begins again. Not crying but screaming. Daddy went in and you laid down for 2 minutes before you started again. Tired ol' me came in and picked you up and put you in bed with us. You are the worst person to sleep with! Daddy took up half the bed and you took up the other half. Legs out, arms out, no room for Mommy! Needless to say, the two of you slept fine until 7:15 when you woke up. Daddy changed you and then we let you play in our room while we laid their and talked. After Daddy noticed some eye-rubbage, he picked you up and we all slept until 9:15. Daddy and I are thinking growth spurt....babies are weird. 

So yeah, I took you to the doctor yesterday to have her re-check your ears. Clear :) You weighed the same as last week, 18 12. Oh and you have now taken one step three times.

Tonight Memaw and Grandaddy came over to eat dinner and play.
Clap hands!
Uncle Chris came over tonight too (he comes over like 3 times a week you are asleep). You guys have always had a silly relationship. Your Uncle Chris loves you to pieces but he isn't much of a baby guy. He met you for the first time a day after you were born. 

You and Aunt Alex right before you turned 5 months

When we went to Florida with U.C. and Alex (your girlfriend), I remember him watching you eat and being totally grossed out. It was hilarious. What made it more funny was that you would stare at him the whole time. You love to just stare at him (almost weird). Tonight though, you crawled right up to him.

Love you, 
You are just ridiculously cute

Monday, September 27, 2010

In the middle of September, we still play out in the rain


Tonight, the Spinner clan and Mommy and Dad took you to the North Georgia State Fair. It has rained the past couple days and it clear just enough to have a great time.

Last year, Mommy was 32 weeks pregnant and we all kept talking about how much fun your first state fair would be. Well, it was. 
You were in awe of everything from the rides to the animals. 

We had fun being silly too!

Mommy even got to take you on the carousel. We got right on and you sat like a big boy and held on. Then when the ride stopped, you yawned like you were bored then started rocking back and forth in hopes that you could ride again. Next year we will sneak you on some bigger rides, crazy man.

When we got home, I decided to break out the 12 month pajamas thinking, "even though he won't fit into them, we'll try anyway." I was wrong. I almost cried seeing you in your big boy pajamas. The PJs you are wearing tonight Mommy and Daddy bought them on our one year wedding anniversary. 

Speaking of, today we celebrated Mommy and Daddy's 2 year anniversary. We never imagined that 14 months later we would have a Mae Mae and be celebrating our 2 year anniversary with our 10 1/2 month. Time flies. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you forever,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

May Day and Wy Guy


You and Wyatt are the best of friends. Yesterday, the four of us (A.J., Wyatt, and me and you) went to the animal shelter, La Pa, then to our house. You two wrestled, pulled hair, got your hair did, you bit, and fought over toys. Oh the joys of little boys. You showed Wy your unassisted standing skills for A.J.

Love ya,

p.s. your hair is still too short to spike

Friday, September 24, 2010

Italian American


You are officially Italian! Of course, you have had the privilege of being Italian your whole life from my side but last night you showed you were worthy (we take bring Italian very seriously). You love spaghetti and last night, you SLURPED! 
Yes, your shirt says "fist pump like champs." What a guido!
I have said for a while that you are 10 months going on 16. Well, yesterday we visited Mommy and Daddy's  Alma Mater to eat lunch with A.K. You had a ball! Watching people (you do that well), playing on the green, meeting the team at Owl Radio, and your Gram even gave you some ice cream. Speaking of, last week I let you try some vanilla ice cream (no writing needed on you reaction). Glad you have a sweet tooth like Mommy. 
In other news... 
- your pee and poop smells horrific from the antibiotic and we still have like 4 more days! 
- your hair made another huge growth
- you let go with ease and almost every time you stand up. you stand up unassisted best when you have one thing in both hands or one thing in each hand. I finally caught it on video camera tonight!

- you can stand for a while now and 99% of the time, you let yourself down slowly (when you don't, you fall on your butt, look at us, then smile and move on)
- you have taken one step twice
- when you were with Memaw and Grandaddy the other day, Memaw said you were sitting on your bottom and the floor then went in a circle. You showed us your skills tonight.
- we have heard you grinding your teeth and handful of times (ooo)

Love you,
Mom (remember, the lady you are attached to)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



I don't even know where to start. For a few weeks now, you have been able to sit up on your knees unassisted. You started last week like jumping sort of (like a bucking horse) from that position to the crawling position. It is so cute. Today, you were playing with styrofoam blocks and while "standing" on your knees, you lifted the blocks above your head. Once they fell it was so cute because you just hand your hands in the air on your knees (does any of this make sense?). Of course, I can NEVER capture you on video or still. If I put you down, you can stand for a minute then slowly lower yourself to the ground. 

Also, last night when Grandmother Mimi and Pop were giving you a bath they said you straight up just stood up from sitting. I don't know if I am ready for that yet! Last night was also the first night you did not get restless and slept straight from 9:30-8:30. Praise God for you feeling better. You enjoy putting things over your head.

You can see your top teeth a little when you smile now. I love them. You are a trailblazer and I love it.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nigh Night

Peanut Jelly,

You just went to sleep without a paci! The past few months, you have required it to go down but tonight, I rocked and sung to you and lo and behold. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. As stated before, you are sleeping pretty bad at night. Getting restless at 4 am then trying to wake up at 6:45. Since there are really no more teeth that seem to be protruding, I am hoping this will go away with the double ear infection. 3 naps still are working well for you. Lately you have just been laying on me watching TV with the paci in your mouth and just drift off. It is funny because you are such a clock when it comes to naps. You are so quirky too. You move you legs like crazy while you are falling asleep. Sometimes you like when we put our arm in between and other times you just like to flail.

Love, you,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Letting go


I apologize for not writing recently. I have wanted to desperately but we haven't had our computer. We bought a new one and I come to you from our new iMac. However, it is with sadness. We Turner's made a huge mistake by not backing up our laptops. When both hard drives took a dump (to be frank), we lost all of our photos. Thankfully, there is a place in the city where we can have someone hopefully recover our pictures or I will be devastated. This will cost us quite a bit of money but I can't loose precious pictures and videos taken of you these past 10 1/2 months. 

Anyway, the two of us have really gotten close. We laugh, cry (then you laugh when I cry), and play together all day. You are the silliest little dude. You walked behind me yesterday with your hands on my shoulders and loved when I would turn my head. Your laugh is SO contagious. You hate toys (as previously mentioned) except for this race car toy and your new mega blocks. Boxes and styrofoam pieces also fit your fancy. After an extremely fussy two days, I had Gram take you to the doctor. You were waking up repeatedly during the night then would be fussy all day (not to mention waking up 2 mornings in a row with dried up blood on your nose). Since you now have 5 teeth (3 top, 2 bottom), I assumed it was me being a mommy and that you were just teething. Turns out, double ear infection and it's bad. You are on Amoxil for 10 days twice a day. Still getting up at odd hours but you are in much better spirits. I ordered your invitations for your birthday party October 30th and I LOVE them. Before Gram and Pop left for NY, we went over and I had to go upstairs. Of course, you had to follow. You were at the bottom and when I said, "Mason, where are you?" at the top, you go, "uuuu?" It was so cute! You walk on water...I mean walls. Now it is not only furniture. 

Daddy is frustrated that I continue to write Gram when I refer to my mom. He would prefer you call her Grandmother Mimi. At the appointment earlier this week, you weighed 18 lbs. 12 ounces. Your mom bubbles are getting big and you make them all the time!

You have started letting go when standing! It is terrifying! You did it in the bath tub the other day and Daddy and I almost had a heart attack. We LOVE that you are so determined to do it but the bath tub? You get really excited afterward and dance and smile. So cute!

I love you and think you are the most awesome kid on the planet. Thanks for helping me at the Saturday serve today. You rock!


Monday, September 13, 2010

U bounce at Bounce U


Today, I took you to BounceU to hang with Wyatt and Jakson. At first, you were very skeptical. Once you figured out it was a free for all, you crawled all over the place. I cannot wait to take you when you are walking! Mommy even took you down the big slide (I had to be convinced and I was shaking but whatever)! 

My favorite part was when I stood you at the end of the tunnel then called to you from the other end and you crawled to me. Of course, at 10:30, you got really tired but I made you push through and you had more fun (and slept on the way home and then some). 

Love you Peanut, 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sample Schedule

Porky Pig,

At a little over 10 months, this is what your smedule looks like most days...

7:30 - wake up
8:00 - breakfast: oatmeal or rice cereal and 4 oz. fruit followed by a 4 oz. bottle
10:30 - nap (usually the longest at 1.5 hours)
12:00 - 6 oz. bottle
2:00ish - nap
3:00 - lunch: a 4 oz. veggie jar, a 4 oz. fruit jar, and a sippy with water
4:30-5:00 - nap numero tres
6:15-6:30 - dinner: varies but always with a sippy of water
9:00 - 6 oz. bottle
9:30 - nigh night mae mae

As far as dinner goes, here are some things you haven eaten:
1 6-8 oz. jar of protein (turkey, beef, or chicken)
avocado and mac and cheese
meatloaf (you LOVED this), green beans, and mac and cheese
swedish meatballs
many other foods I can't think of but you HAVE to be eating when we are or you freak out

Took these of you Thursday
Peace out little homie,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Gonna be a big star

 May Day,

Today Mommy got an awesome call. You are one of the babies in the running to be in a major motion picture, Change-Up, coming out in 2012. Gram and I took you to the studio today and you played with a spoon while a man video taped you and a lady took stills. You had a good time then we met A.K. at Atlantic Station for lunch. It went so fast I didn't have time for pictures! This opportunity resulted from a casting Daddy took you to last week.

I love your agency and that they cast not only for products but movies too. Cross your fingers we are called. I know it would be a great opportunity for you since you LOVE people and being the star of the show. You have the biggest, deep blue eyes and lots (growth spurt last night) of coarse, long blonde hair. Numerous people compliment you on your long eyelashes. One even said they, "look like stars." Inside and out baby boy, inside and out.

While at Atlantic Station, the four of us went to Old Navy.
someone loves himself...
We ended the day with the Spinner clan trying to help rid you of your pompomophobia
You actually played with the handle part (big move for you) but when the streamer part of it touched you and it moved (by you), you had a panic attack. You start to shake and shake your head no. It is very sad. Maybe next time, Porky Pig...

The Mom