Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Monster!


What a busy day! We went to the half price consignment sale where you fell asleep (20 minute nap), then picked up Karen and Grace (fun car ride for you!), then went to the 'mater biscuit supper' at Granny Turner's house. You had a great time. I wish I had my camera! You were right the middle of the action with your cousins. I am so thankful you will grow up playing with yours. My cousins were all much older and live too far away to play with. I think I figured out who your favorite cousin is...Christian. Since I took no pictures (bad Mommy!), here is a picture of Christian investigating you the first time he met you when you were super small.

You took a 20 minute nap on Memaw then it was off to play with Karen and Grace and Gram's house. Grace and Karen fed you dinner (they did a great job!) and you played 'baby monster.' Basically you would crawl toward us and we would yell, "baby monster" and you would chase us on the air mattress. While Grace was feeding you, you were patient and would smile and screech. 

So last night you were so pooped out that you were sound asleep for the night at 8:20. As you noticed above, you only took 2 20 minute naps today. Well, it's 8:20 and you are still going strong, playing the drums and crawling and standing on Daddy. I am glad you are still perky so Daddy gets to spend time with you but whoa! you are the energizer bunny! We just got the greatest video of you ever! You were pushing your stool unassisted!

In other news, you are getting really good at standing. You don't strain at all anymore. You also added 'words' to your vocabulary, "na na ni ni. (too be teacher specific, the i is a long i sound)."

Love you,

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sweetest Thing


You pull to knees and to stand on everything. You can even pull to stand on the coffee table. You are crawling fast and can even walk a little unassisted with your push walker (although you can't pull to stand on it (we help you with that one)). You are motivated and determined and like you Mommy, stubborn. You LOVE to push things on your knees. Today we went to Sprayground with Jordan and Wyatt and you had a great time. You crawled all over the place and fell in love with a little 4 year old girl (I guessed her age). You loved the water and would step on the spouts. One time, you stepped on one and the water went all in my face. So silly! We even had a little Mommy and Mason time where I got to love on you like crazy. Of course, you and Wyatt passed out about 5 minutes into ride home. The two of you continue to make us laugh. Today you screeched at Wyatt and made him cry and then you started crying! 

You also had a little play date when Haven came over this week. 

Today you noticed you had hair and pulled it then laughed. 

You have been waking up around 7:30 and that's great because you have an earlier bedtime and we are about to go back to early mornings at Grandmas. 

Not a big fan of the pack n play but we are working on it. You freakin' love the VCR/Cable box/CD player though...It amazes me how much you would rather play and get into things you are not supposed to rather than play with a toy. Grandma bought you this awesome little Pooh car that has plastic around it so you can't fall and a bar so you can be pushed. You like to be pushed around their house and you will even rock in it.

You can be so sweet and loving. Lately I have been trying to do things I did with you when you were a baby like placing you on my knees and making faces at you. You still like it :) and you love to laugh. I love laughing with you. 

You are a sponge! Daddy and I can show you how to do something once and you've got it. Like the pictures of you with the spoon and pan in the kitchen from last post. Daddy showed you one time what to do and you just went to town. Same with your drum toy. 

This afternoon on our way home from Wyatt's house, I had the sweetest revelation; you have to be sung to sleep, even if you do it yourself. I could hear you in the back seat making this singing noise then I look back after hearing you "sing" for about 3-4 minutes then silence and you passed out. 

I retired all of your 3-6 month clothes a few days ago (with the exception of a couple shorts). 6-9 month shirts fit you well and the shorts are baggy but the 3-6 was just too small.

You may drive me nuts sometimes kid but you really are the love of my life.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mi bebe es muy loco


I am going to jump right into it. After speaking with Ms. Jordan about formula and talking about how I was making you 4 ounce bottles after meals that you weren't interested in, something happened. You decided after lunch and dinner that you didn't want a bottle at all. You pushed  it away! Now, I give you a sippy with water after those two meals. You still want a bottle after breakfast though. When we first started back with your sippy (we took a few week hiatus), you weren't having it. Then your genius Daddy and Pop figured out if we only put the stopper in the "blow hole" of the cup, you don't have to suck hard. You are an expert at it now (ok you still swallow to much at times)! When you are eating, you say, "ahh" almost every time. Sometimes it is really high pitched and short, other times it is low and long-winded.

You are now impossible to change because you want to roll over.

I am glad you stopped rolling your tongue (did I tell you about that?) because it freaked me out but now you give raspberries! I can't remember if I told you or not but for a couple weeks, you were obsessed with turning your tongue upside down. Daddy and I cannot do it and it is hereditary...

You can pull to stand on the fireplace and on your crib rail. When you are on your knees, you can push things and "dance." Every time Daddy or I come in your room after sleep, you were on your knees in your crib. Until 2 days ago when you decided standing was the way to go. 

You still love to walk with someone holding your hands. With shoes on, you walk like a solider. You crawl fast. My favorite part of your crawling is when you crawl to something you shouldn't be near i.e. Daddy's ipod and we move you back, you crawl right back to it.

Your hair is getting really long. Dad and I were talking about getting your first haircut right before your birthday. Speaking of long, you have a long and lean torso and short, chunky legs. 

You do that weird grabbing thing now when you go to pretty much anyone. You also like to pinch my back and snap my bra strap when I hold you. Good times. 

The drop game. Enough said.

You hate your car seat. I swear you started to be ok with it but I guess it was a fluke.

You have been SO cranky the past three days! Daddy thinks you are just bored. You have also been harder to put down at night. You want to stay up and practice all of your new skills!

The Momma

This Week in History

We have had a seriously busy week!
Cheerleading Practice

Pulling to stand on the fireplace

Staring at the Capos waitress


Waiting for Daddy to come home

Braves Game

The Georgia Aquarium

North Metro Church's Community Makeover

We also attended your first Gymboree class. You had an awesome time. The teacher told us to have you kick the balls back and forth. I thought to myself, " there is no way he can kick..." You got right in there with the other kids and kicked away.  You also really liked sitting on the parachute while I made "waves." I was reminded of how good a baby you really are.

Funny story about the Braves game. It was disgustingly hot outside and we had been pumping you with water since we got to Turner field. Even though you weren't asking for it, we decided to feed you lunch. In the middle of eating you pears, you fell asleep. Just shut your eyes and closed your mouth!

Love always cranky butt,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything is Da Da

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Walk the Plank!

Mae Mae,

Since Monday, you are everywhere! You crawl everywhere! I can't say it enough. It is wonderful watching you explore. We are pretty much all baby proofed here but Gram and Pop have some catching up to do. Check out these pictures I have taken since Monday.

I come in your room after a nap or in the morning and you are either on all fours with your head peaking up or on your knees holding the bar on your crib. Yeah, I think it's time to move the crib down! I love it though. Seeing your smiling face so happy to see me is wonderful! At my first meeting for work on Friday, the principal asked, "what makes you smile?" The first thing I thought of was seeing you in your crib for the first time in the morning. I blurted out, "my 8 month old son."

You had your second modeling gig on Thursday. I am 99% sure you will make the box for this, a mirror for the car. The minute Gram put you in the car seat, you were frozen. No smiles, no frowns, nothin'. It was hilarious! You were paid for 2 hours but you were only "working" for about 6 minutes. You did however get your hair done, had wardrobe, and even wore makeup. Oh and yes, I took a picture of the screen.

Since it seems I am not writing in order, on Wednesday, we went to Wyatt's pool. You did that weird cry thing. Remember when you and Raegan were playing and she got excited and your cried. Same thing happened on Wednesday. Other than that, great time as usual.

You randomly get acne breakouts and diarrhea too (I know, TMI). You have a lot of fine, blonde hair now. While you still have a small bit of cradle cap, you can't tell at all. You look more and more like your Dad every day. 
A.K. and I were playing with you Thursday and you kept trying to climb the stairs (as you can see in the first set of pictures). So I helped you stand and I leaned your hands against the stair. It was so cool! you took steps and were standing one handed. I am so glad A.K. video taped it (too large to upload, like most)!

Since I have already started with work related activities, I have had to leave you a couple times. It TOTALLY sucks and it was only for a few hours each time! What am I going to do next month?! Anyway on Friday, we visited Memaw and Grandaddy then you and Dad went to Lillie Mae's then to your first political tea party with Pop! Daddy said you loved it and were really curious. Maybe you'll be a Republican politician one day...

Love you forever,
Ma Ma

Monday, July 12, 2010

Your beautiful soul


You turned 8 months Thursday and Mommy turned 24 on Friday. We have been so busy having fun, I haven't had time to write! Wednesday, we went to Wyatt's house. You two are becoming more alike each time we have play time. 

Thursday, Daddy and I took some pictures of you. You weren't into the whole initial thing but we caught a few good ones. 
Can't help but giggle at the crying ones

Friday we went to the animal shelter. Again, you loved it. 

The three of us also went to Kamryn's birthday party. 

You are doing SO much better in the car lately we are able to go places more often. Since Mommy had a couple nights out, you have had some manly bonding time with Dad. On Saturday, he took you to see a live band in Smyrna and you got to see Benjamin and Memaw and Granddaddy. You danced the night away! Sunday, we went to church and we kept you with us for the singing before and after the service. You danced and even sung (quite loud too). After eating lunch with the Turner gang, you and I went to your soon-to-be buddy Grayson's baby shower.

8 month updates
-You full-on crawl and you are quick. I walked out of the room and two minutes later you were across the den trying to get toys out of your basket (with your mouth of course).
-You burp yourself. Daddy still likes to pat your back though.
- You say, "Ma Ma," "Da Da,""Ahh," "Hey," "Ba Ba (but not in reference to bottle)," and on Friday, you straight up said, "dog."
- Because you move up to big jars next month and we will soon be moving away from bottles, here is our latest feeding update (your amount of formula remains the same for now):
    • Breakfast is one jar of fruit (sometimes with grains) and oatmeal (or just one jar, depends on what it is)
    • Lunch is 1/2-3/4 of a jar of fruit and 1/2-3/4 of a jar of vegetables
    • Dinner is some type of protein (3/4 of a jar) and 1/2-3/4 of a jar of vegetable.
- You rarely fuss in the middle of the night anymore
- You tried and liked avocados, pineapple, and honeydew.
- You still giggle like crazy when we kiss your sides (your most ticklish spot) and when we say, "I'm gonna get you."
- The walker is great for you. You now move ALL over the house.
- You give high fives!
- You LOVE to mimic. I put my hand on the glass door, you look at me, then you put yours on too. We have fun tapping on that door.
- You grab things with your hand but when you eat puffs, you grab them with your fingers.
- For the past week, you have fallen asleep without a paci every night except the second night Daddy had you. It is so beautiful watching you falling asleep.
-You still fit in your Bumbo 
-We started brushing your teeth. While I brush my teeth, I hand you a specially made toothbrush for you to play with. When I am finished with mine, I take a finger brush, place a little bit of special toothpaste on it, and sing Raffi's Brush Your Teeth song while I brush your teeth (all 2 of them).

Lovey you little man,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ma Ma


Yeah! You said it. "Ma ma ma ma!" 

Great Grammy and Pop left yesterday. Tear.....

You roll your tongue upside down. Daddy and I can't do it and we heard it is genetic. Weird. You are back to sleeping great. Yeah! You burp yourself,  grab yourself if you know what I mean and your teeth hurt (you are SO cranky this morning). 

Ma Ma