Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mi bebe es muy loco


I am going to jump right into it. After speaking with Ms. Jordan about formula and talking about how I was making you 4 ounce bottles after meals that you weren't interested in, something happened. You decided after lunch and dinner that you didn't want a bottle at all. You pushed  it away! Now, I give you a sippy with water after those two meals. You still want a bottle after breakfast though. When we first started back with your sippy (we took a few week hiatus), you weren't having it. Then your genius Daddy and Pop figured out if we only put the stopper in the "blow hole" of the cup, you don't have to suck hard. You are an expert at it now (ok you still swallow to much at times)! When you are eating, you say, "ahh" almost every time. Sometimes it is really high pitched and short, other times it is low and long-winded.

You are now impossible to change because you want to roll over.

I am glad you stopped rolling your tongue (did I tell you about that?) because it freaked me out but now you give raspberries! I can't remember if I told you or not but for a couple weeks, you were obsessed with turning your tongue upside down. Daddy and I cannot do it and it is hereditary...

You can pull to stand on the fireplace and on your crib rail. When you are on your knees, you can push things and "dance." Every time Daddy or I come in your room after sleep, you were on your knees in your crib. Until 2 days ago when you decided standing was the way to go. 

You still love to walk with someone holding your hands. With shoes on, you walk like a solider. You crawl fast. My favorite part of your crawling is when you crawl to something you shouldn't be near i.e. Daddy's ipod and we move you back, you crawl right back to it.

Your hair is getting really long. Dad and I were talking about getting your first haircut right before your birthday. Speaking of long, you have a long and lean torso and short, chunky legs. 

You do that weird grabbing thing now when you go to pretty much anyone. You also like to pinch my back and snap my bra strap when I hold you. Good times. 

The drop game. Enough said.

You hate your car seat. I swear you started to be ok with it but I guess it was a fluke.

You have been SO cranky the past three days! Daddy thinks you are just bored. You have also been harder to put down at night. You want to stay up and practice all of your new skills!

The Momma

This Week in History

We have had a seriously busy week!
Cheerleading Practice

Pulling to stand on the fireplace

Staring at the Capos waitress


Waiting for Daddy to come home

Braves Game

The Georgia Aquarium

North Metro Church's Community Makeover

We also attended your first Gymboree class. You had an awesome time. The teacher told us to have you kick the balls back and forth. I thought to myself, " there is no way he can kick..." You got right in there with the other kids and kicked away.  You also really liked sitting on the parachute while I made "waves." I was reminded of how good a baby you really are.

Funny story about the Braves game. It was disgustingly hot outside and we had been pumping you with water since we got to Turner field. Even though you weren't asking for it, we decided to feed you lunch. In the middle of eating you pears, you fell asleep. Just shut your eyes and closed your mouth!

Love always cranky butt,