Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Monster!


What a busy day! We went to the half price consignment sale where you fell asleep (20 minute nap), then picked up Karen and Grace (fun car ride for you!), then went to the 'mater biscuit supper' at Granny Turner's house. You had a great time. I wish I had my camera! You were right the middle of the action with your cousins. I am so thankful you will grow up playing with yours. My cousins were all much older and live too far away to play with. I think I figured out who your favorite cousin is...Christian. Since I took no pictures (bad Mommy!), here is a picture of Christian investigating you the first time he met you when you were super small.

You took a 20 minute nap on Memaw then it was off to play with Karen and Grace and Gram's house. Grace and Karen fed you dinner (they did a great job!) and you played 'baby monster.' Basically you would crawl toward us and we would yell, "baby monster" and you would chase us on the air mattress. While Grace was feeding you, you were patient and would smile and screech. 

So last night you were so pooped out that you were sound asleep for the night at 8:20. As you noticed above, you only took 2 20 minute naps today. Well, it's 8:20 and you are still going strong, playing the drums and crawling and standing on Daddy. I am glad you are still perky so Daddy gets to spend time with you but whoa! you are the energizer bunny! We just got the greatest video of you ever! You were pushing your stool unassisted!

In other news, you are getting really good at standing. You don't strain at all anymore. You also added 'words' to your vocabulary, "na na ni ni. (too be teacher specific, the i is a long i sound)."

Love you,