Friday, April 30, 2010

What are the dreams and desires you have for your baby?

What a loaded question!

My dream for you is that you choose to be and do whatever you desire. If you want to skip college and be hair dresser, go for it and be the best you can be. If you decide you want to go to Harvard and invent a better facebook, we will suck it up and fly to Massachucetts once a month. I want you be be a respectful man of God. Tell the truth, love with all your heart (and come to me if it breaks), care, share, and be generous (especially in your tithe and to those in need). Turn to the Lord when you are weary and He will give you rest (Matthew 11:28). Remember that a day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels. My biggest desire for you is that you never forget how deeply loved you are.

What moment with your baby is bringing you the greatest joy right now? This question as well as the question related to the greatest season of my life, will be answered a lot throughout this blogging adventure.

I feel that greatest joy when I am with you. I especially love when all three of us are together. The three of us have an amazing relationship.
Whether it is bath time and watching you splash and giggle when you realize I am in there with you, or it's when you laugh hysterically. It's when you are ready for a nap and you just want Mommy and to put your hand on my chest. It's putting my finger in your mouth to feel for teeth and you stick your toungue out. When you mimick the scrunchie nose thing I do or when I show you my toungue and you try to do it too. I love when you look at me intently when I talk to Daddy about something. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks be to God

for His indescribable gift!
-2 Corinthians 9:15

You are a gift to us and no one else. Made perfect for Daddy and I. I want to savor every moment and tape every little thing you do. I know I can't. You are growing up so fast. I hate that we will never get all of these wonderful moments back. One day, your babbling will turn into back talk and your little hands will grow to throw a pitch. I know that we are only going to continue to make wonderful memories though.

To everything there is a season
-Ecclesiastes 3:1

My favorite part about this season of my life is laughing. You giggle, Daddy laughes, we all have so much fun together. You love us just as much as we love you and we can show it in so many ways. You are so alive and brilliant. You are a cuddle muffin like you Dad and you love getting kisses. We can take you anywhere and you just go with the flow. You are learning so fast and each day I feel like I see tiny miracles.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
-Proverbs 22:1

As I have mentioned before, we named you Mason for a reason. While you may not like your name at times (jars, the line, etc), always remember why we chose it for you. To us, Mason is a strong name, great for an adorable little boy and a handsome, young buisness man. The name Mason means "stone worker." We imagine your future career won't be a stone worker but it is evidence that we belive you are going to be capable, maybe even creative.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

Good evening May Day,
It is a pleasure being your mother. You know me and you can feel how much I love you. The way you dance and smile when I come home from work makes me melt. I love to hear you fuss waking up from your nap because I know how wonderful your wake time will be. You have become increasingly more interested with your feet; so much so that I got you on camera.

We have been video taping you a lot. I have been able to record you trying to drink from a cup, attempting to feed yourself, and all of your precious scooting (backwards and forwards). I have even taped you sleeping. Seriously, there is nothing about you that I am not smitten with. You have started to babel again and you talk the most when you are on your changing table grabbing my face.  Like Mommy, you have a little temper when you don't get your way. Getting in your car seat aside, if you have a magazine, paper towel, or anything you aren't supposed to in your mouth and I take it away, look out world. At La Parilla (surprise, surprise) tonight, you took your first sip of water from a cup and didn't seem to mind it. Just growin' up too darn fast!

Your Grandma gave me a wonderful book for new mommy's entitled Heaven Sent Baby. The next few entries will be responses to questions from the book.

Yeah for seeing you tomorrow after stupid training at work, 

Here are some pictures I took while we video taped you trying to use a cup for the first time:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Dedication

Today at North Metro Church, Daddy and I committed ourselves to nurture you into becoming a strong, Christian man. On stage, while a slideshow and recording played, you behaved like the angel you are. Here is the letter Daddy and I wrote to you...

To our little Mace Face,

Out of the people on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be His cherished, personal treasure.
-Deuteronomy 7:6

You are His personal treasure as well as ours. You are a perfect gift made especially for us. You were born on purpose and for a purpose. Your adventurous and fun-loving personality radiates to all who meet you.
Our job as your parents is not only to love and care for you but, to model a life of prayer, patience, and compassion and to nurture you to become the unique person the Lord created you to be. Our prayer for you now and in the years to come is from Numbers 6:24-26:

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

May you always remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Love you forever,
Mommy and Daddy

You are so fortunate to have so many people who love you. Both sets of your grandparents as well as your aunt Kimmy were able to attend your dedication and brunch. After brunch, we spent the rest o fthe day taking care of sick Daddy and playing together.

Can't wait until summer,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

As long as I'm laughin' with you

May Day,

Last night, the three of us had a lot of fun at La Parilla. We sat you in a high chair for the very first time (of course you were protected from germs because we used the Boppy Protect Me Shopping Cart Liner). You did great and even got comfortable setting your leg up on it. After about 20 minutes of chewing your rings and hands, you got bored. I proceeded to pick you up and pulled up your shirt and started kissing your belly. You started laughing hysterically! All of the patrons nearby started watching so I turned you toward the resturant and you kept doing it! We have kissed your belly numerous times before but yesterday, you really got a kick out of it. You laugh is contagious and Daddy and I could not stop cracking up.

In other news, you are getting more golden blonde hair each day. You are also still sleeping in your incline to sleep positioner on your side. When I went into your room this morning, you were on your belly! Just like Mom, you move around a lot in your sleep. About a week or so ago, you started waking up and talking (or happy screaming) to yourself. It is so much nicer than you crying until we could make your bottle. Thank God you are developing patience! I love when I change you and you touch and grab at my face and talk to me.

Love you,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventures in Diapering


This letter may seem boring but it may help you when you have my grandchildren (although by that point, they will have some weird, new fangled thing).  When you were born, we used Pampers Swaddlers because they were soft and absorbent. Once you moved up to size 2, we changed you to the more economical choice, Pampers Baby Dry. I don't like them. The hold your poopy in just fine but they aren't soft. Yesterday, I switched you to size 3 Pampers Cruisers (holy crap I have a cruiser now!) and I really like them. They are soft and the bigger size was definetely needed as you are continuing to grow like a weed.

Your diaper rash isn't nearly as bad as it has been but I decided to research "organic" diapers. The information out there for these types of diapers is SO misleading. 7th generation and other natural diapers aren't natural at all! They still use the same super absorbent polymer (the gel balls) that regular diapers use and they even dye their diapers so they look natural. The only natural diaper brand is called Tushies and they can only be ordered online (of course, there is always cloth).

Don't know if this info will ever mean anything to you but I wanted to let you know that I got your back (ok, that wasn't that funny)!

Your crazy Mom

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Many Milestones

My dearest little Mae Mae, 

You are scaring me. Seriously. It was crazy enough that one morning you woke up and you could sit without wobbling in your Bumbo but yesterday, was enough to give me a heart attack. 

Yesterday morning I laid you on your belly on a blanket. Within about 15 minutes, you had done a full circle on the floor. You crawl using just your legs, not arms yet. Right before that, you decided to show off your sitting up skills by sitting unassisted for about 30 seconds. I can imagine that this week, you will be able to do it for longer. But man, that crawling thing I was not prepared for. It is so wonderful seeing you accomplish your milestones. I can tell that you even enjoy them too.

You scream ALL the time. You should have heard yourself in the back seat of the car this evening. It seems like you put the "goo" and "gee" on the back burner until you master screaming (which I think you have). As far as holding your bottle, you have definitely expressed interest. While you have held cups in the bath for a while (and you even held my water cup a few nights ago), last night you held you "bott' all by yourself (when I say hold, I mean like in your mouth).

Today, you attended your first Braves baseball game. Because you are so noisy, you only napped about 15 minutes the whole time but you were super well behaved and seemed to enjoy it. I think you are the team's lucky charm because in the bottom of the ninth, the Bravos won the game! We are SO blessed to have such an amazing son.

As you probably can imagine, you are in the car a lot. Not just during the week, but doing fun things with Mommy and Daddy on the weekends. You HATE HATE HATE when we strap you into the car seat but are fine once we get going. Sometimes you fuss when we stop and that is not surprising since you love movin' around and being crazy. You love the bath even more now since you have learned to splash!

Loving you more every day,

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So our week together

has come to an end. Below is a few notes about our time together:
  • You are just chillin' in your jumperoo at Grandma's. You LOVE it and finally, you like the Baby Einstein entertainer.
You try to put all the different do dads in your mouth. Sometime you'll even get pissed off them and scream. Funny story about the entertainer. So early in the week, I put you in it and showed you all the fun toys. Then, 2 hours later, you started playing with the toys, even going as far as hitting the animals to make them make noise.

  • You met your friend Haven on Tuesday and you two were a hoot to see together. He would put your hand in his mouth or grab your shirt. You weren't too happy with the shirt grabbing but I know as you boys get older, shirt grabbing will be the least of Mrs. Weaver and I's worries :)

  • Today, you made your first poopy face and grunted.
  • Yesterday you decided to scare the crap out of Mommy and get on your knees while laying on your belly.
  • A couple days ago, I decided to purchase a Maclaren Triumph umbrella stroller. While expensive it was definitely the way to go. We have already been on a lot of walks and you love when You and Daddy chase me (while I run backward) down hills :)
  • You have now eaten the Earth's Best Baby Food brand of stage one peas, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes. Holy cow you LOVE sweet potatoes and carrots. You don't mind the peas and pears and so far, your not too enthusiastic about the bananas. 
    Love you my growing boy and I am going to miss you profusely at work tomorrow.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Your First Easter!


    Grandma and Grandpa took you to the Dr. Friday since you have a nasty little cough again. Thankfully, it is nothing. You weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces. We also started carrots for dinner. I have never seen you act the way you did! Opening your mouth wide, fussing for more. You LOVED them. So now, you are getting cereal for lunch. 

    In other news, lately when you are in your swing, when I come over to you, you smile (sometimes even giggle). Last month, you definetely got more hair in but this moring, whoa !It seems like it grow a few inches over night. Oh my goodness, a few days ago, you learned how to scream and squeal. Whether because you are mad or super excited, it is a loud, high pitched scream (sometimes you even blink your eyes when you do it). I LOVE IT! I even got mad at your Daddy for not getting the video camera in time to catch it. Of course this morning, Daddy let me sleep in and he got 5 minutes of footage. You have also found your finger tips.You officially are out of the napping in your swing phase and in your crib or car seat for your naps (unless you are at work with Grandma). 

    So Easter. Mommy's favorite holiday. On Saturday, we went to Memaw and Granddaddy's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Since you are not a big proponent of the sun, I am not sure you had a stellar time but we sure did taking pictures! Sunday we went to the Square Bagel for breakfast, church for worship, then Granny Turner's for lunch, then Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and fun. You got a lot of great gifts for them as well as from Great-Grandma and Aunt Di Di. All in all, it was a great and super busy weekend!
    We have been able to "hold you like a baby" for over a month now. Your little head is totally stable in the Bumbo too. It seems like each day, you accomplish something extraordinary.
    Helpin' me with the laundry
    I love you baby,