Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two in One


Two posts in one day! That my dear is how fast you grow. A few days ago, it looked like you waved your arm to say bye bye. Well today confirmed you milestone. You waved bye bye to the dog then to Pop. I have figured out what letter sounds you are making. Obviously you make more than this but these are some I caught: short a, short o, b, d, k, g. You are a shopper like Mommy. We went to two stores with you today and you were wonderful. You were pretty cranky overall today though. I am guessing your top teeth are trying to make a debut. Lately, you have gone to sleep in the crib with your pacifier. I don't feel like arguing with you and you spit it out when you totally fall asleep anyway.

Love you,

Face Plant


You are really kicking growing into high gear!

You received a walker as a present from Mrs. Sherry, one of Mommy's former co-workers, you LOVE it until you hit into something. It is like watching a video of myself. You get SO mad.

You love balls. Grandma has a ball popper thing and we have a gum-ball machine toy and you love them. Now that you scoot everywhere, you like to chase them. Well, you whine as you chase them but whatever.

You like Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals video. You watching your show:
You look SO big in the second picture!

Coming to get you, Mom (and you did!)!

Yesterday, you crawled two "steps." You haven't done it since. You prefer to scoot. You can get up on your knees from a sitting or laying on your belly position and you can go from sitting to being on your belly. Awesome! When you get up on your knees, you rock like crazy. Sometimes you get mad but lately, you have seemed pretty excited. You face plant all the time though. 

We had a second play date with your buddy Haven a few days ago. He is crawling all over the place. It is good for you to see examples of your next milestone. You two always wanted the same toy. You being the feisty little boy you are got mad when he would come anywhere near the toy you had. Haven would look at you pitching a fit and was like, "it's ok dude."

You have started babbling more now. For a while, you weren't saying as much. You are back to "dada" and other noises that really sound like you are trying to speak.

We are going to the store today to get some baby proofing stuff.

The Mom