Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey big boy,

Well, I am missing you right now and wanted to write. I love being at work but I just don't get enough time with you once I get home. You are SO cuddly and smiley! I am so happy I am your mom. You have started playing with the frog toy attached to your car seat. You deliberately hit the frog and other toys and even talk to them. You have also started putting your burp cloths and blankets in your mouth. You are still obsessed with trying to fit your fist in your mouth too.

We had to switch your formula from Enfamil Gentlease to Enfamil Nutrimagen because you were having dark blue/green, watery...well you know. It smells like Cheese-Its but you seem to like it and so does your little baby body.

Night time has been consistantly great. Sometimes you wake to eat once (you sleep through the night some nights!) then wake in the morning at 6:30-7:00. Your little cheeks and nose get rosy like Daddy after you eat. I get teary eyed all the time watching all of the new little things you do. People are right when they say your baby will grow up fast.

Love Always,

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