Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

Hey love bug,

You are such a character! You are continuing to coo and giggle all the time. Just so we will never forget you are there, the past 2 nights you have started crying in your sleep! Yes, you are asleep and crying; like a bad dream or something. During your nap, I watched as your lip got big, then cry for a minute or so, then still with eyes close, stop and drift back off. Strange little child :)

A few days ago, Mommy decided to start using formula and you seem to be taking to it fairly well (my body isn't but that is a whole other story). It takes you about 45 minutes to eat about 4-5 ounces. Sometimes you will cry because the formula makes you burp a bunch; it's better than gas!

It snowed here yesterday and you were not impressed. Mommy took you out while you were awake an you hated it! I brought you back upstairs then when Daddy came home, you had already fallen asleep so we took you outside for some pictures LOL. 

You love to play on your back. You can lay in the same position with sometime talk with you for an hour! Don't get me wrong, you love to be held but sometimes you want to just chill and chat. 

Still hate your car seat :( Hopefully that will change since you will be in the car quite a lot next week and the weeks to come.

Love you,

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