Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Stuff

Hola mi bebe! You started squealing earlier on in the week. It is SO cute! Last night, you swallowed your cereal for the first time and ate half of the container (well probably about 1/3 since 1/3 was on your face!). You were home yesterday with Daddy and he texted me to say you were scooting across the floor on your back! He laid you on the floor about a yard from the wall so he could sort laundry and when he turned around, you were against the wall. So silly and so big! You also started hitting and trying to eat the books we read at night. Maybe you will be an avid reader like Mommy.

Also, this week, you got to meet your great grandma, Mary Frances. You smiled at her a lot and boy, she lit up when she saw you. Your great grandma hasn't been well for quite some times. It is rare that she "comes back" and communicates. You bet when she saw you, it was like she wan't ill anymore. Playing with you, talking to you, it was amazing.This weekend, we went to Build-A-Bear and you and I created your friend, Goo. It was a blast and you LOVE him!


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