Sunday, April 18, 2010

Many Milestones

My dearest little Mae Mae, 

You are scaring me. Seriously. It was crazy enough that one morning you woke up and you could sit without wobbling in your Bumbo but yesterday, was enough to give me a heart attack. 

Yesterday morning I laid you on your belly on a blanket. Within about 15 minutes, you had done a full circle on the floor. You crawl using just your legs, not arms yet. Right before that, you decided to show off your sitting up skills by sitting unassisted for about 30 seconds. I can imagine that this week, you will be able to do it for longer. But man, that crawling thing I was not prepared for. It is so wonderful seeing you accomplish your milestones. I can tell that you even enjoy them too.

You scream ALL the time. You should have heard yourself in the back seat of the car this evening. It seems like you put the "goo" and "gee" on the back burner until you master screaming (which I think you have). As far as holding your bottle, you have definitely expressed interest. While you have held cups in the bath for a while (and you even held my water cup a few nights ago), last night you held you "bott' all by yourself (when I say hold, I mean like in your mouth).

Today, you attended your first Braves baseball game. Because you are so noisy, you only napped about 15 minutes the whole time but you were super well behaved and seemed to enjoy it. I think you are the team's lucky charm because in the bottom of the ninth, the Bravos won the game! We are SO blessed to have such an amazing son.

As you probably can imagine, you are in the car a lot. Not just during the week, but doing fun things with Mommy and Daddy on the weekends. You HATE HATE HATE when we strap you into the car seat but are fine once we get going. Sometimes you fuss when we stop and that is not surprising since you love movin' around and being crazy. You love the bath even more now since you have learned to splash!

Loving you more every day,

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  1. Oh my goodness. So funny that you have made a blog of letters to your son. I swear, I just thought of this the other day and thought it would have been such a great idea if I had done something similar for my daughter (who is now nine). I had a journal I kept for her for many years, and I was thinking how a blog would have been wonderful! I am so glad to see someone doing it. It's touching. Your baby is precious.