Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

Good evening May Day,
It is a pleasure being your mother. You know me and you can feel how much I love you. The way you dance and smile when I come home from work makes me melt. I love to hear you fuss waking up from your nap because I know how wonderful your wake time will be. You have become increasingly more interested with your feet; so much so that I got you on camera.

We have been video taping you a lot. I have been able to record you trying to drink from a cup, attempting to feed yourself, and all of your precious scooting (backwards and forwards). I have even taped you sleeping. Seriously, there is nothing about you that I am not smitten with. You have started to babel again and you talk the most when you are on your changing table grabbing my face.  Like Mommy, you have a little temper when you don't get your way. Getting in your car seat aside, if you have a magazine, paper towel, or anything you aren't supposed to in your mouth and I take it away, look out world. At La Parilla (surprise, surprise) tonight, you took your first sip of water from a cup and didn't seem to mind it. Just growin' up too darn fast!

Your Grandma gave me a wonderful book for new mommy's entitled Heaven Sent Baby. The next few entries will be responses to questions from the book.

Yeah for seeing you tomorrow after stupid training at work, 

Here are some pictures I took while we video taped you trying to use a cup for the first time:

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  1. So sweet!!!! Your lil' man has the sweetest eyes:)