Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So many firsts!


I deeply apologize for not writing recently. A LOT has happened. I found out on Tuesday that I am being laid off from myt teaching job. Thank God you and Daddy are in my life to help lift me up. Also on Tuesday, Daddy hung the rocket swing I got for you. It took you a minute to figure out what was going on but you had a great time swinging. We are looking forward to many days and nights playing with you in it.
On Wednesday to get my mind off of my impending job loss, A.K, Grandma, and Pepaw, and I took you to the pool for the first time. You LOVED it! Splashing and talking the whole time. You didn't even make a face when we got deeper and it was cold (I did though!). Michael Phelps look out!

You are eating stage 2 food now (yeah for variety) and we are phasing you into 6-9 month clothes.
Then, your first real word. I know, early right? Yesterday (5/17) while at school with Grandma and A.K., you were in a talkative mood (surprise, surprise) and all of the sudden, they heard you say, "da da." After debating whether or not they really heard that, you said it again, "da da." Of course that evening, Daddy and I hear about it and while we believed their claim, we wanted to hear it for ourselves. Before bedtime, you and I were in the kitchen watching Daddy wash the dishes (yes, your Dad is awesome) and out of the blue we heard, "da" and shortly after, clear as a bell, "da da." Unbelievable!
A few days ago, you just did not want to be held. So like I always do, I held your hands and let you walk. Well, you must have been seriously motivated because you walked in a full circle. Now I have a talker and a walker. What's next?

Now for some other updates:

  • Saturday you spent the night with Grandma and Pepaw for the second time and did wonderful as expected. As for you and that darn positioner, we are still using it. We are honestly dreading weening you from it but we know you need to because you always roll out of it (at night but not for naps). I know once school ends, my lost sleep won't be as much of a big deal.
  • You grab everything. Store clerks fingers, your paci, really anything in your line of vision or near you. I was holding you paci in my hand and holding you in the other while chatting with someone (my mind is a tad fried) and you took the paci out of my hand and put it into your mouth. Bottle holding and self-feeding solid food are going great too (you aren't choking yourself). You make the funniest noises. When you get grouchy or are trying to talk to us, you make this, "ahh" sound in a low voice. The sippy cup is challenging for you but you are trying to get the hang of it.

I only have one request: STOP GROWING UP! It seems like you hit 5 months and you haven't stopped since! AHH!

Love you,


  1. Walking and talking? That's exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures! Doesn't it go too fast? I can't believe my oldest just turned 6. I feel like he was just Mason's age. Enjoy every minute of it.

  2. they are getting big so fast! lets hang out this summer please! :)jaks LOVES the water too!

  3. I was thinking about you guys tonight and thought I'd stop by and say hi. I hope you're doing well. Have a nice holiday weekend.