Saturday, June 26, 2010



Another fun play date with Wyatt and Jakson. Of course, you slept through half of it but you had a good time none the less. You have such a high pitched voice in comparison to the boys. While Wyatt's mommy was blowing up his toy, I was holding you while Wyatt just kept laughing at you. So cute.

I know all of us mommy's are looking forward to watching you guys grow up together. Wyatt's mommy thinks we should move into the same school district; I am all for that!

In other news, your scooting is in full force. You even got up on your knees and rocked today. Pop gives you a week until you are crawling on all fours. Speaking of Pop, he is the only one you really reach for still. You lovey him. You do this really strange thing when Grandma and I first hold you. You like squeeze and try to eat our shoulders. Weirdo. 

Love, Mom

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