Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty Baby of Mine

  • Your first photo shoot went great. You modeled for Bright Start's 3-in-1 high chair and cart cover and play mat. Come 4 months from now, we will see if you or one of the other 3 babies made the product's box. Just like at the test shoot, you had fun with the other babies there, especially Oliver. 

  • When you are just being playful, you started making this, "arr" dragon noise. Sometimes you get so playful you scream. So funny.
  • You now have 2 teeth! Your bottom left tooth came in. 
  • Grandma started singing the song Pretty Baby to you when you were very small. Any time you get fussy when you are eating, needing to look up at a shoot, or when you just get mad, she will sing the song and no joke, you brighten up.
  • You look more and more like Daddy everyday.
  • Great Grammy and Pop came into town last week. We try to see them every day. Pop loves to sing the "de de de" song and Grammy loves to make sure you are safe. She always has her eye or hand on you. Great Gram and I gave you your first bath in the sink the other day. It was awesome. I think we are going to do that or take a shower with you until you are big enough for the real tub.
  • I got you on camera! You started really scooting. You push with your feet and pull with your hands. The only way to get you to do it is to put something we know you love in front of you. You aren't up on all 4s though. Just gliding.
  • We bought a jumperoo for you today. You are just too active for your exersaucer.
  • When you are in your jumperoos, you like to keep your left arm out and your right one in. Also when you bang on your high chair, you seem to do it more with your left hand.
  • After finding out that Wyatt and Jakson were eating puffs, Grandma and I figured we could start you on them. You choked a little the first 2 days but you seem to be getting the hang of it. 

You at the bank waiting to set up your bank account

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