Friday, June 18, 2010

Sand in my Quack


June 12-16th was your first trip to the beach. Panama City Beach. We left at 1:00 in the morning (we being Mom, Dad, Chris, and your girlfriend, Alex) and other than the couple of times we stopped (it was bright), you were sound asleep (as were me and Alex). You LOVED the water and sand (more to come about that), but HATED the heat. On the first day, you fell asleep on me immediately after we got outside. I put you in the sand on the second day. It was interesting. You put your hands in it (a little apprehensive at first) then grabbed a big chunk and put it in your mouth. Needless to say, the following day, you didn't put the sand anywhere near your mouth. The 2 of us spent a lot of time playing in our condo. I brought down a blow-up duck bath tub to use on the beach. You liked it but got bored after about 10 minutes (like with pretty much everything). One night, the 5 of us did this maze thing and while it is 100 degrees outside and I am running around trying to beat Daddy, you fall asleep. Yeah, we didn't even finish the maze. You are SO heavy now (I guess a little under 17 lbs.)! On the trip, you started to say, "hey/hi" and you even tried to say, "Al e." You LOVE Ms. Alex (hopefully Aunt Alex). She makes me smile more than anyone. You slept awful in FL (we brought the pack n play which you napped in a few times prior). On the way home, you were an angel. Awake and happy. TOTALLY threw me. I don't know why I ever doubt you; you are extraordinary.

In other news, you are using level 3 nipples, wearing almost all 9 month clothes, can pick up things with your fingers perfectly, make full head turns to see something, are impossible to change, say "ump" or "ummm" and stiffen up if you get mad, hate having your nose wiped, can almost run you walk so fast, sit up wonderfully, bounce really freakin' high, and like to steal toys.

I found out that you are that kid today. That kid you steals toys when other kids are playing with them. Your friends Wyatt (1 day older) and Jakson (1 week younger), their mommies, and the 2 of us went to Swift-Cantrell park today, laid out blankets, and had a play date. Wyatt observed as you took toys from Jakson causing Jakson to "bite" (more like slobber) on your head. It was funny! You are the smallest of the 3 but the most active for sure. 
This one is funny. Right before the "biting" incident.
Staring at a John Deere

Last night the agent from KidsII, the company you did the test shoot with, called the the company LOVED you. They have you booked for a shoot June 24th. I am so excited for you and don't worry; the money will go into your college fund!

Also, you LOVE 4 year olds. You can pick them out. The Friday before we left for Florida, the 3 of us went out to eat with Mommy's friend Kerri, her daughter Kamryn, and Kerri's friend, Mike. Kamryn entertained you in the high chair for over an hour. Then while in Panama City playing put-put, you stared at a boy, following his every move. Although I knew the answer, I asked him his age and he said,l "4." I guess you really enjoyed all the time you spent in Grandma's 4 year old class.

You love to type on Grandpa's computer. The best part is that you look at the computer! Oh and you can give kisses now. Give kiss!

Love you,
Mommy (which you still haven't said)

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