Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strike a Pose

Dear Mason,

On Wednesday, I took you for a test photo shoot for the company KidsII. They are looking for models and you got a call back! No cost to us and you had a great time. They only had to take 5 shots and all of them were great. You really are a happy kid.

You love to sleep with  "lovies" (your spit up rags). I loved to sleep with 2 blankets growing up so I figured I'd start you on it.

Daddy and I took you to the animal shelter on his day off. We figured since you love Sicily so much that you'd love the shelter; and you did! You got mad at Daddy becuase you wanted to touch a puppy and when that puppy barked at you, you smiled then giggled. Then a larger puppy barked at you and you did it again! We took you into the big dog room and lo and behold, you fell asleep. You are a strange fella.

Love ya to pieces,

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