Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sweetest Thing


You pull to knees and to stand on everything. You can even pull to stand on the coffee table. You are crawling fast and can even walk a little unassisted with your push walker (although you can't pull to stand on it (we help you with that one)). You are motivated and determined and like you Mommy, stubborn. You LOVE to push things on your knees. Today we went to Sprayground with Jordan and Wyatt and you had a great time. You crawled all over the place and fell in love with a little 4 year old girl (I guessed her age). You loved the water and would step on the spouts. One time, you stepped on one and the water went all in my face. So silly! We even had a little Mommy and Mason time where I got to love on you like crazy. Of course, you and Wyatt passed out about 5 minutes into ride home. The two of you continue to make us laugh. Today you screeched at Wyatt and made him cry and then you started crying! 

You also had a little play date when Haven came over this week. 

Today you noticed you had hair and pulled it then laughed. 

You have been waking up around 7:30 and that's great because you have an earlier bedtime and we are about to go back to early mornings at Grandmas. 

Not a big fan of the pack n play but we are working on it. You freakin' love the VCR/Cable box/CD player though...It amazes me how much you would rather play and get into things you are not supposed to rather than play with a toy. Grandma bought you this awesome little Pooh car that has plastic around it so you can't fall and a bar so you can be pushed. You like to be pushed around their house and you will even rock in it.

You can be so sweet and loving. Lately I have been trying to do things I did with you when you were a baby like placing you on my knees and making faces at you. You still like it :) and you love to laugh. I love laughing with you. 

You are a sponge! Daddy and I can show you how to do something once and you've got it. Like the pictures of you with the spoon and pan in the kitchen from last post. Daddy showed you one time what to do and you just went to town. Same with your drum toy. 

This afternoon on our way home from Wyatt's house, I had the sweetest revelation; you have to be sung to sleep, even if you do it yourself. I could hear you in the back seat making this singing noise then I look back after hearing you "sing" for about 3-4 minutes then silence and you passed out. 

I retired all of your 3-6 month clothes a few days ago (with the exception of a couple shorts). 6-9 month shirts fit you well and the shorts are baggy but the 3-6 was just too small.

You may drive me nuts sometimes kid but you really are the love of my life.


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