Monday, July 12, 2010

Your beautiful soul


You turned 8 months Thursday and Mommy turned 24 on Friday. We have been so busy having fun, I haven't had time to write! Wednesday, we went to Wyatt's house. You two are becoming more alike each time we have play time. 

Thursday, Daddy and I took some pictures of you. You weren't into the whole initial thing but we caught a few good ones. 
Can't help but giggle at the crying ones

Friday we went to the animal shelter. Again, you loved it. 

The three of us also went to Kamryn's birthday party. 

You are doing SO much better in the car lately we are able to go places more often. Since Mommy had a couple nights out, you have had some manly bonding time with Dad. On Saturday, he took you to see a live band in Smyrna and you got to see Benjamin and Memaw and Granddaddy. You danced the night away! Sunday, we went to church and we kept you with us for the singing before and after the service. You danced and even sung (quite loud too). After eating lunch with the Turner gang, you and I went to your soon-to-be buddy Grayson's baby shower.

8 month updates
-You full-on crawl and you are quick. I walked out of the room and two minutes later you were across the den trying to get toys out of your basket (with your mouth of course).
-You burp yourself. Daddy still likes to pat your back though.
- You say, "Ma Ma," "Da Da,""Ahh," "Hey," "Ba Ba (but not in reference to bottle)," and on Friday, you straight up said, "dog."
- Because you move up to big jars next month and we will soon be moving away from bottles, here is our latest feeding update (your amount of formula remains the same for now):
    • Breakfast is one jar of fruit (sometimes with grains) and oatmeal (or just one jar, depends on what it is)
    • Lunch is 1/2-3/4 of a jar of fruit and 1/2-3/4 of a jar of vegetables
    • Dinner is some type of protein (3/4 of a jar) and 1/2-3/4 of a jar of vegetable.
- You rarely fuss in the middle of the night anymore
- You tried and liked avocados, pineapple, and honeydew.
- You still giggle like crazy when we kiss your sides (your most ticklish spot) and when we say, "I'm gonna get you."
- The walker is great for you. You now move ALL over the house.
- You give high fives!
- You LOVE to mimic. I put my hand on the glass door, you look at me, then you put yours on too. We have fun tapping on that door.
- You grab things with your hand but when you eat puffs, you grab them with your fingers.
- For the past week, you have fallen asleep without a paci every night except the second night Daddy had you. It is so beautiful watching you falling asleep.
-You still fit in your Bumbo 
-We started brushing your teeth. While I brush my teeth, I hand you a specially made toothbrush for you to play with. When I am finished with mine, I take a finger brush, place a little bit of special toothpaste on it, and sing Raffi's Brush Your Teeth song while I brush your teeth (all 2 of them).

Lovey you little man,

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