Friday, September 24, 2010

Italian American


You are officially Italian! Of course, you have had the privilege of being Italian your whole life from my side but last night you showed you were worthy (we take bring Italian very seriously). You love spaghetti and last night, you SLURPED! 
Yes, your shirt says "fist pump like champs." What a guido!
I have said for a while that you are 10 months going on 16. Well, yesterday we visited Mommy and Daddy's  Alma Mater to eat lunch with A.K. You had a ball! Watching people (you do that well), playing on the green, meeting the team at Owl Radio, and your Gram even gave you some ice cream. Speaking of, last week I let you try some vanilla ice cream (no writing needed on you reaction). Glad you have a sweet tooth like Mommy. 
In other news... 
- your pee and poop smells horrific from the antibiotic and we still have like 4 more days! 
- your hair made another huge growth
- you let go with ease and almost every time you stand up. you stand up unassisted best when you have one thing in both hands or one thing in each hand. I finally caught it on video camera tonight!

- you can stand for a while now and 99% of the time, you let yourself down slowly (when you don't, you fall on your butt, look at us, then smile and move on)
- you have taken one step twice
- when you were with Memaw and Grandaddy the other day, Memaw said you were sitting on your bottom and the floor then went in a circle. You showed us your skills tonight.
- we have heard you grinding your teeth and handful of times (ooo)

Love you,
Mom (remember, the lady you are attached to)

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