Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Mason...I mean Captain Hook,
Today, the three of us along with your extended family and best friends celebrated your first birthday! 

While we still have 9 days until the big day, we just had to party early (ok, we wanted a costume party and well, Wyatt's party is next week so it worked out!). 
You spent most of the day with Daddy while Mommy ran around like a chicken without a head. We got you all suited up at Grandma and Pops then headed to the party. Soon after we arrived, so did all of your buddies: Haven, Wy Guy, Jakson, Kenzie, Grayson, Summer, India, Benjamin, and your cousins. All in costume of course! Everyone looked great! We ate then played outside (piñata too). Since the party was smack in the middle of your second nap, you weren't exactly the happiest camper for the middle portion of the party. However, once cake came, you frown turned upside down!
We then opened presents (ok, I opened them) and you got some awesome stuff! Daddy and I opened it all to get a preview of what you actually liked. You like all of it! This evening during bath time, you played with your two newest toys, a basketball hoop with balls and those foam letters that stick. You had a ball and probably could have stayed in there all night.
I know I tell you this all the time but you really are a sponge. I showed you how to put the Weebles on the slide on time, then you did it. Same with the balls in the hoop in the tub, one time and then you even started putting the letters in it. 
Overall, great day and I hope you think it was too. I have a lot of video. I especially like the one where you take about 20 steps toward Memaw and Ms. Holly (you took 17 yesterday). 

Wendy...I mean, Mommy

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