Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good luck charm


So much is going on I apologize for not writing sooner. 
Before the Braves game on Sunday, I stood you up and Alex said, "walk to me." So you did! You took two steps. The four of us (Daddy, Chris, Alex, and I) couldn't believe it. Speaking of the Braves, the game was Bobby Cox's last regular season game as the manager of the Braves. It was an intense game since it determined whether the Braves go to the playoffs. Well, your fourth game and you have yet to see them lose! We have a great time tailgating and at the game and you even did the tomahawk chop (ok it was a wave but whatever). Of course, nap time came and you took an hour nap on me. Hopefully we can take you to a playoff game. 

The following day Daddy and I took you to play with Wy Guy. We even got to meet Wy's Daddy. Most play dates, you are the bully and the active one and Wyatt sits and watches. It was the complete opposite this time. He was screaming and making you cry (it is so funny when he does that, sorry) and crawling over you because you wouldn't move. You two also made a mess with some Tupperware.
A.J. didn't believe me when I said you crawled in cabinets

Everything is, "ball." It is so cute! You are still enjoying talking (loudly), being opinionated, listening to the mariachi at La Pa, spitting, and being attached to Mommy. You have started putting your right hand up to your right cheek. It looks like you are posing or something. Not sure what that's about. You can say the following (other than ball): Mom, Momma, Dad, Daddy, and whoa (when walking or climbing. I love how it's in the right context). Dog and A.K. are randomly said, but said none the less. You also will randomly mimic something I say. 

As far as sleeping goes, it has gotten worse. After two nights of you screaming at 2 a.m., I took you to the doctor. Lo and behold our suspicions were right on; you are having night terrors. What makes them so awful is that you are asleep and have no idea you are being comforted. It is horrible. After the appointment (you weighed 19lbs. 8 ounces with clothes), Dad and I decided to change your bedtime to 8-8:30 and let you decide if you need the third nap. The past two nights, you have fallen asleep great with or without the nap but 10:00 rolls around and out comes the night terror. So sleepy ol' me puts you in bed with us. Since that isn't helping and Mommy is sleeping about 4 hours a night, that is not happening anymore. Sadly, like the doctor suggested, we just need to let you cry. Because you have no idea you are even having the terrors, you won't realize we aren't there (hopefully). This is such an awful thing for all of us and I pray we will have a full nights rest again soon.

Love you,

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  1. Totally looks like you in the first picture!!!