Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another one?!


That's right! Another ear infection! Your one year check up was on Wednesday and we were so glad because for the past three weeks you have been congested with a runny nose and a cough. It seemed as though it would get better then worse and it got to the point on vacation that we knew something was up. You were acting perfectly fine but the bubble coming from your nose was telling us something different.
Since Wednesday was my first day working my new job, Grandma took you. Your right ear is the cause of all the issue! It baffles me that on the 8th everything was clear but that is how those evil things work. Like I said, you acted like nothing was wrong except for pulling your ears a couple times on the plane ride home (that we attributed to the flight). Because of the infection, you will get your shots next month at your re-check (if everything is clear of course). They did give us your stats though.

20 pounds 7 ounces with no clothes
25 1/2 inches long
45 cm head circumference 

I believe Grandma said you are in the 25th percentile.

Since the appointment, you have been one big snuggle bug. Yesterday, I got teary eyed at how sweet and clingy you were. Then you brought me back by grabbing my face and making your monster, "ahh" noise. Your word on the trip was, "a wee a wee a." You would use it as a statement and question (raised inflection) and it was cracking us up because you totally know what you are saying and we have no clue. Since we have been home, "beau" has been your focus (pronounced b-you).
I am assuming because of all your little bodily issues and the amoxil (3/4 tbls twice a day) that you are just out of it. During the day, Grandma has said you have been great. Last night, you were fine until about 7:30 and I had to push you to stay awake to see Daddy at 8:00. Tonight, well, you just went to bed and it's 7:30. 

I love you baby. Get well soon!


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  1. Sorry your poor baby has another ear infection! That's just awful, there's nothing worse than a sick baby! Hope he feels better soon! (Oh and I am following you, but for some funky reason, my pic won't display under followers...Blogger can be such a pain!) And so glad you won the giveaway. I'll email the sponsor and she'll be in touch!