Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mommy and Daddy


I wanted to take some time and tell you a little more about the crazy people you call Ma Ma and Da Da.
First, some introductions

Mommy is a fiesty, pizza lover who loves the beach. I love Disney movies. My favorites so far are Monsters Inc., Cinderella, and Toy Story 3. I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Melbourne, FL. We moved to Georgia right before I started the eighth grade. I still talk to my best friend, Ryan, who I have known since preschool (funny story). Running away was (and still is) a way I would get out of dealing with issues (you'll have to see videos G and P took). Ryan and I used to play paper dolls and magazine people and I would always use a little boy with blonde hair as my son. Planes, airports, and trains (specifically passenger trains) fascinate me. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to NJ to be with Grammy and Pop, go to the lake, and eat pizza on the shore. I am a terrible driver with a tendency to tailgate. Sports and I do not go together unless I am at the game and stuffing my face throughout it. I was raised Catholic with a Jewish, now converted, father. I was baptized in May 2008 by your Daddy who helped me begin my journey as a Christ follower with a real relationship with Jesus.

Daddy is a God-fearing, sports loving, meat and potatoes guy. Born in Cobb hospital, he is not the most worldly guy but he is working on it (since Mommy's family lives all over the country it helps). Daddy is a dependable, steady, and patient dude who loves being silly. He hates loosing board games and loves comedy and adventure films. His favorite genre of food is Mexican and he orders the same thing every time he goes to a restaurant (afraid of change?). I think if your Dad could be anywhere it would be at a Georgia football game or Braves baseball game with a beer and a La Pa burrito. Daddy has been blessed to have had the same group of friends since middle school (except for Uncle Chris which he met teaching ASP in college). He loves antiques, is very good at math, and would love to become a realtor one day. 

Now for us. There are a few different stories about the first time we met but I am going to talk about the one I remember. CCA (Daddy's high school) was having an alumni vs. the current students basketball game. My friend at the time, Allison, was dating an alum and invited me to go. When we got there, friendly me sat next to what looked like friends of Josh (the alum she was dating). I put out my hand to the guy sitting next to me and said, "hey I'm Jenny." The guy looked at me and said, "yeah, I already knew that." I knew I was cool but what a weirdo (lol)! After the game, the friends, Allison, and I went out to eat and I had to sit next to that guy.
Once the margarita (he barely would share with me) and a little something extra kicked in, we went back to his friends house (the Currys as I now know them). There, I talked with the guy for quite a while and really started to like him. When Josh, Allison, and I got in the car I told them, "I think your plan worked." And it did.
The guy, Scott aka Dad, asked me to be his girlfriend a month later in March. I said no as I wasn't quite ready for a commitment. Then on June 6th, I asked him to be my boyfriend. That October, he asked me to be his wife.
We set our wedding date for the following November 23rd then got ants in our pants and moved it to September 27th.
We moved into a crazy apartment then 4 months later, decided to house hunt. We put in an offer on 685 Falls Church then big news came, we were having a baby! You know the rest.


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  1. OMG.. I am totally stealing this idea.. You are soo on top on blogging!! I love it :)