Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One year pictures


Today, A.J. and I took you and Wy to the Marietta square to take some pictures. You would not sit still! As always, you wanted to go, go, go. Walking everywhere of course. You loved the fountain. The four us had lunch (yet again, would not be still) then set out again. After A.J. and Wyatt left, I took a few videos of you walking around and playing with/like the big kids. I told a grandmother there today that I am so sad, my little boy really thinks he's a big boy....


When I returned from the store this evening, you greeted me with a, "hi ma ma." Melted my heart. Yesterday at Publix, a man giving out samples handed me one and said, "this is for your little brother." Nice.

Love you BABY,

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